Tips to Understanding Casinos and Their Games

Visiting a land based casino can be loads of fun, but if you are new to casinos or don’t visit regularly you might need some tips to make your visit memorable and profitable.

The Players Club is your first step

Before you start playing at any of the games, get yourself registered at the Players Club, once you have joined, the casino can track your play and you will be able to earn the special comps. You will need some form of ID to register; your driver’s license is acceptable. Once registered ask what special promotions there are. Use your card each time you play on the machines, or hand the card to the pit boss when playing table games so you can be rated.

Keep control of your bankroll

This is important whether you regularly visit casinos or are just on vacation for a while. You don’t want to use your bankroll in one sitting then for the rest of your vacation you have no money to play.

  • Decide how much money you wish to spend at the casino for your vacation and then separate this from your other money.
  • Depending on the number of days of your vacation divide the bankroll you have decided on by the number of days and place each days play money into separate envelopes. Date each envelope and if you use up one day don’t dip into the next day’s play money.
  • If you like to spread the money over the day then do a further division of the money into different sessions, for instance you wish to play Craps then take a division of the money for that when that is completed don’t dip into the next sessions money. Take only one bankroll session money to a table when you lose that take a break.
  • At the end of the day see what you have left including winnings and put that money back into the envelops and seal it to take home at the end of your visit. Sensible control of your money is the winner’s way.

Get to know the table limits

Once you choose a table to play at look for the plastic placard this will give you the table limits. The placards are color coded to the coin denominations so it’s easy to read the table limits. If you can’t find the placard ask the dealer for the table limits. Play sensible; don’t play at a table that the limits are above your budget.


Blackjack is a popular game and you should read the rules of game play before playing, you need to understand the difference between a hard hand, a soft hand and a paired hand. A good strategy is to play for free at first to understand the game better before wagering your money.


Craps is games that many players get excited about, but understanding the game is very important so do take the time to learn how to play. You need to know how to pass the line or let it ride.


On a pass the line table you need to reduce the house edge, learn how to place the odds and be careful of the hard-way bets. On a let it ride table, make sure you understand the basic strategy of this game. One thing you must not touch your chips, when you mention to ‘take it down’ the dealer will return you bet. Be very careful about playing the bonus bet.

Most of all when visiting casinos be sensible, don’t drink when you are there even if the drinks are on the house, it distracts from your play and you will very likely lose, watch the other players and get to understand the way they play, it will help you to know when a player is bluffing. Be sensible with your bankroll, make it last for your visit you will get more enjoyment that way, and most of all have fun and make your vacation a memorable one.