Tips on how to bet according to your bankroll

Trying to strategise against a slot machine is often thought of as futile. Instead of playing with what is not under your control use what you are able to work with, being your balance. Slots are not called games for nothing; they are there for having fun and their entertainment value. Winning cash is an added bonus so before you sit to spin remember that if you do lose try not to win back your losses, you may be setting yourself up to lose even more. Here are some strategies that you can start working with. Play around to see what works best for you!

Half the fun twice the excitement

Halve your bank roll and place bets from only one half. Place a bet based on 5% of the half you are betting from. Assuming that you get NO wins this will give you 20 spins. Once the 20 spins are complete take all profit and add it to the unused portion of your balance. Start again with half of the original balance. If you make a loss, add it all together again, halving it again and start again.

Spread the risk, spread the love

Spread the risk Avoid playing high roller slots with a small bank roll. A high roller slot may have larger payout ratios but by their very nature but they are designed to take hefty bets and hold out on large payouts. A small bank roll will not get you very far and you may be forced to quit after playing all your cash out. Plan to play a bonus or hit the jackpot before you have to quit. Do this by dividing your balance up into smaller chunks betting less per spin and buying yourself more spins. Remember, the longer you play the more chances of winning.


Similar to the halving strategy this time divide the bank roll into 4 playing only with one group. Once you have doubled that quarter combine your four groups, splitting the total into four once more. Again, play only with one of the groups. If you lose it the first group, start from the beginning by combining the 3 groups and dividing what is left into 4 again.

Building up a bankroll - Try slots tournaments

Some players enjoy playing large stakes and making massive bets. As thrilling as this, it can also have a massive reward. But you are only in a position to do this with a large balance. As uncomfortable as lower bets might make you this is important if you want to walk away with some good wins at the end of the day. This is what poker players refer to as grinding where so much hard work goes into building a tiny balance one miniscule step at a time. This can be applied to Slot Games too.

Free tournaments

While slots tournaments are a great way to play for free they are a real shot at winning real cash. In these tourney's as they are affectionately called, for a small fee you can buy your way up the leader-board. Buy-ins are only worth playing if you are in the top 10. Do not buy for more than 25% of the top prize or 50% of 2nd place if you are head to head with another player. Who knows, your spins may produce more wins during the next 5 minutes.

It happens all too often that a player wins a real cash prize with no investment whatsoever, therefore some stick to the strategy of playing free tournaments until they win adding every small win to a larger bankroll. Online Slots Tournaments Schedules

Sit and go tournaments

There are also tournaments with small buy-ins. These are invariably smaller giving you a better chance at winning something. The higher the buy-in, the bigger the prize, so start off with tournaments asking for only 5% of your bankroll and no more. This means that for $100 you can play 20 small slots tournaments. Slots being a game of chance governed by random number generators you have a greater chance of winning at least a few of those 20 tournaments. Win just 6 prizes of $20 and you have a small profit!

Play with your money as much as you play the game, there is so much fun in making cash work for you not to mention having a ball spinning at the reels.