Online Craps for US players

Over the past decade the ancient game of Hazard which is now known as Craps has swept the world once more with its charm and excitement. You can now find many different online Craps games for US players at some of the best online casinos. Club USA Casino, Sloto Cash Casino, Aladdin Gold Casino, Bovada Casino, Buzzluck US Casino are just two of the casinos that accept US players and offer an amazing choice of games including of course Craps. The Craps games are basically the same wherever you are from and whichever casino you play at but when playing at a casino that accepts US players like Liberty Slots you have the added advantage of being able to play in US dollars, have US toll free numbers to call if you have any queries and of course many different secure online payment options which are tailor made for US players. And, in some cases you can even benefit from added bonuses for using certain online payment options which makes the whole online Craps experience even more rewarding for US players.

Craps rules

As a new player to craps you may be a little overwhelmed by what appears to be a complicated game but as you start to play the game you will realize that in fact it is a game of luck that is all about rolling just two dice. The whole concept of Craps is about the outcome of the two dice that you roll. To begin with the player will need to place a bet and then the dice are rolled, this is called the coming out roll. If the total of the dice rolled is a 7 or 11 then the game can proceed to the next stage which is the point number. If the total of the dice is 2.3 or 12 then the player loses and a new bet has to be made to start a new game. The next stage if the game is proceeding is a further roll of the dice if the outcome was 4, 5,6,8,9 or 10 which is known as the point number. The player rolls again and if he lands a 7, he loses but all other combinations are considered a win and the odds depend on the combination of the dice. When playing Craps online a random number generator controls the dice being thrown and there is no chance of any cheating.

Craps strategy

Since Craps is basically a game of luck and not something that can be determined by the actions of the player the strategies that are needed must be more to do with the way that bets are placed and the coverage of the betting grid. For any player to Craps whether new or experienced it is important never to put all your eggs in one basket i.e. never place just one bet on one outcome with all your money. Not only will you lose everything if your bet is not realized but you also will have no money left to carry on placing bets and enjoying this thrilling game. Take your time when playing Craps and work your way up through the betting grid, never be too ambitious to begin with as you have higher to fall. Another great tip is to try and enjoy the game, after all it is a game and one to enjoy. If you take it too seriously then you are ruining the whole point of the game. One last tip is of course to practice the game if you can before you start placing real money bets. Try out one of the practice games so you understand the whole concept of the betting and how the dice are rolled in order to get the different values. Once you are familiar enough with the game you can start placing real money bets and of course enjoying the game much more which is the best way to be successful at craps.

Best craps payouts

The amount that you are paid for a winning bet in Craps always depends on the amount that you have bet and the type of bet. There is no set way how to make money in Craps but there are a few tips which you can follow. The highest payout is for the most logical combination either a 2 or a 12. Since you are playing the game with 2 dice there are only a certain limited totals that can be achieved. There are only two ways to get 2 points and 2 ways to land 12 points which means that these combinations offer the best payouts of 1:36 odds. The payouts are stepped in this way according to the possible combinations that the dice can give. A value of 3 or 11 pays out 1:18 because there are slightly more combinations that can bring that score and so on. Of course the more bets you place the more chance you have of winning as your coverage on the betting grid is better. Having said that you mustn’t cover yourself too thinly because you will never be able to gain what you have bet. One of the other best bets on the craps table is the coming out roll if you bet on the value 7 you stand to win the game before it even starts and this is a great payout too.

Craps Tournaments

Craps tournaments are becoming more and more popular as players together with casinos realize how attractive they are. Online tournaments are cheap to run and are cheap for the players themselves. Entry in to a Craps tournament is very low or in some cases nothing at all and the possible outcome can be very high. Some tournaments have a central pot which is made up of the entry fees of all of the players and the players stand to win the pot minus a small fee to the casino. Other tournaments which are some times free are put on by the casino and offer enormous jackpot wins in order to encourage players to enjoy the game. Craps is a great game and very diverse considering it is only a pair of dice that is the central part of the whole game. But, you can win high and low and the game can go on for a long time. Playing online is perfect as you can come back to the game at any time and enjoy more and more benefits of Craps online.