Its not Just about Slots and Poker

Although many online casino players are drawn to the online casino for the slots and Poker games there are in fact many other exciting casino games to choose from which offer just as much and sometimes even more than the slots and poker variations. There is nothing wrong with playing Slots and Poker just sometimes it is nice to add a bit of variety to your repertoire and not just play the same old same old all of the time.

Use the Autoplay and Browse the Other Games

If you look at casinos likeLiberty Slots Casino and Bovada Casino which are both slots specialists, you will see that they also offer many other exciting games which can tempt and excite you while you are playing slots. In fact if you are playing slots and choose the auto play feature, you can then look around at the other games on offer at the casino and choose what you want to play next. Roulette, Craps, Keno and many more are just part of the whole parcel.

Classic Roulette with an American Accent

Roulette has to be the most represented game that there is today at online casinos. When you think of casinos, you automatically think of the plush green betting grid mixed with the shiny wooden spinning wheel that enthralls and delights. Roulette is not a difficult game to master and has become so popular that there are even a number of variations that can be played. The European version is played with 37 numbers on the wheel whereas the American version is played with 38 numbers, two of them being a double zero which some claim adds to the excitement and of course potential to win.

Cards and Dice Games Too

But Roulette is not the only classic game that you can find at casinos, there is also Blackjack the classic game of 21 and of course Baccarat which is all about reaching the number 9 with the cards dealt to you. Dice games are becoming more and more popular at online casinos; you can now find games like Sic Bo and Craps at all of the leading online casinos where luck really is the name of the game. In fact Blackjack is probably the only online game that does not rely totally on luck. The decisions you make when playing Blackjack affect the way the game progresses, whether you choose to stand or draw or if you get a Blackjack in the first dealing of cards.

Lottery and Scratch Card Games

In addition to these classic online casino games which have traveled through the centuries from their origins in Europe and China, there are also more modern games which to a certain extent have ancient roots. Take Keno for example which is based on an Ancient Chinese game of lottery where there are 80 numbers on a board and you as the player get to choose 15 out of the 80. The more of your chosen numbers that are hit during the chosen game the more you stand to win. Scratch card is a modern online version of the lottery ticket where you scratch away at the squares to reveal any prizes that you might have gained and what these prizes are. You can win 2x, 5 xs, and even up to 15x the amount you have bet at any stage when playing Scratch cards.

Variety is the Choice of Life

Variety is the spice of life, as the famous saying goes and there is no better proof than the amazing choices of online games that you can play at leading online casinos. All of the games and more are open to US friendly players also at casinos like English Harbour or Silver Dollar casino. So when you next start looking for a new online casino to play at don't just think about the Poker and the Slots, even though these are very exciting and fun to play, think about the bigger picture with more choices of games and alternative ways to play them.