Let Them Ride

Take the popular five card stud and tweak it a bit and you will come out with a very popular online casino game called Let Them Ride. The good news is that unlike other poker games, you are not playing against the dealer, but are playing to achieve the best outcome. As you will see when you read the Game Rules, the odds in Let Them Ride are quite significant, but we will discuss this later in this review.

Where Can I Play Let Them Ride?

For your convenience, we have listed in our table below all the casinos where you can play Let Them Ride. They include: Bovada (formerly Bodog), Liberty Slots Casino (our #1 US casino), Rushmore Casino, Silver Oak Casino, Slots Oasis Casino, Slot Madness Casino, Win Palace Casino, Jackpot Capital Casino, and Rome Casino.

Game Rules

Let Them Ride begins by placing your bet. The minimum bet is $1, and the maximum bet is $200. In addition, you can also make a side Bonus bet as well. Once your best are placed, click on the Deal button and let the games begin! You will be given three cards, and the dealer will get two. Your cards will be face up and the dealer’s will be face down. Sound familiar? Once the cards are dealt, you will have to determine whether you want to bet again or fold. If you decide to continue on, the dealer will reveal his first card. Once again, you will have to decide whether to bet or fold. If you decide to go all the way, the dealer will show his second card. If your hand holds a pair or better, you win. Remember to read the rules as the minimum pair you need to bet is 10s or better. Another reason to read the Game Rules is that you will be able to view the player’s hand and payouts. Obviously, a Royal Flush takes it all with odds at 1000:1. Don’t forget about the bonus payouts as well. Here is where you can really rake in the dough. For example: a Royal Flush bonus payout is $30,000!

Want a Ride of a Lifetime?

Then we highly recommend you play Let Them Ride at our featured casinos. Go Horsey!