Deuces Wild

Deuces Wild has to be the most popular of the Video Poker games that there are to play on the internet. At practically every online casino you can find one version or another of Deuces Wild: Lincoln Casino and Betway Casino. Deuces Wild is the online version of 5 card poker where the best hand wins but the main difference here is that the cards with the numerical value of 2 are considered to be the Deuces or Wild cards and can substitute for other cards to make wining lines and of course make up their own winning lines.

Familiarize Yourself with the Screen

Deuces Wild is not a difficult game to master but even so if you are a little nervous to start with then maybe you should opt for the play for fun mode which is available at most online casinos and you can learn the game and gain confidence playing for fun until you are ready to place real money bets. When you are ready to place real money bets, all that you have to do is choose your coin size which can differ from casino to casino and can be anything from $0.10 up to $25. When playing Deuces Wild it is important to note that the more coins you bet the better your chances are for big wins. If you look at the paytable which is on the screen you will see that the maximum amount of coins per hand is 5 and this pays out the maximum wins. Once you have chosen your coin size and the number of coins that you want to bet, all that remains is for you to place the bet. You can do this by clicking bet one or bet max. The game will then begin.

Know the Hands you Are Aiming For

The cards will then turn over to reveal your hand. At this stage you may be given the opportunity to double your bet which is worth taking if you think you can achieve a winning hand. You also have the chance to hold some cards and discard others. It is important to know the value and meaning of all the different hands in order to know what to aim for. A Royal Flush which is the highest hand in Deuces Wild is made up of an Ace, King, Queen, Jack and 10 all of the same suit. When playing Deuces Wild, one of the cards can also be replaced by the wild two, which is the Deuce and this hand is known as a Wild Royal Flush. 4 Deuces is the next best paying hand which speaks for itself. Five of a kind are 5 cards the same where the deuce is one of the cards. A straight flush is a run of cards all of the same suit, 4 of a kind is four of the same value and a full house is three of a kind and a pair, a Flush is a run of cards made up of different suits and three or a kind speaks for itself.

A Game with Plenty of Chances to Win

Of course when playing Deuces wild you are aiming for the Royal Flush but luckily Deuces Wild is a game where there are many chances to win. When you do start playing Deuces Wild it is a good idea to make sure you have enough of a bankroll to enjoy a few games otherwise you will not reap the full benefits of the fast pace and exciting card game. Many casinos also offer the expert mode where the game can run by itself according to the number of settings you have programmed. Remember always to click on the Collect button so that you can bank your winnings. Playing Deuces Wild is fast pace but exciting at the same time and a great introduction to Video Poker which can only give you positive experiences.