RTG Bitcoin Casinos

RTG casinos have only recently started offering Bitcoin as a valid and viable depositing and withdrawal method. US players are super excited about this seminal development. At last US players can access all the exciting and amazing RTG Gaming's vast catalogue of casino games of all sorts. Bitcoin has continued to evolve to become one of the leading cryptocurrencies and an alternative way that players can fund their personal online casino accounts. More online casinos have started integrating Bitcoin into their sites as a new payment platform. RTG has finally come around to doing the same. Bitcoin is basically a new and innovative payment network, a new kind of currency, what is called a cryptocurrency. Instead of issuing more money as governments do, which leads to inflation, the value of Bitcoin increases instead. Each Bitcoin is split into fractions as the value increases with the electronic currency or e-currency. The value of the Bitcoin fractions continues to grow indefinitely, ensuring people who own a portion of a Bitcoin pin will always have a usable cryptocurrency that is not affected at all by way of outside sources such as governments or stock markets.

Bitcoin Tech

Bitcoin operates using specifically developed and created peer-to-peer (P2P) technology. There is no central authority, government intervention or banks pulling the strings. The Bitcoin transactions are handled via this independent network the Blockchain. Everyone is free to participate in the Bitcoin monetary revolution. When you own a tiny piece of a Bitcoin, you own part of a legitimate currency. You won't need a bank or central authority to store it for you or tell you what it is worth. It is essentially the purest and simplest form of textbook supply and demand, which has been adapted and transformed for the digital age, becoming a spendable and savable currency.

Pros of Using Bitcoins at RTG Casinos

No monetary system is entirely free of negatives, yet Bitcoin comes really close. The most apparent disadvantage is the volatility of the cryptocurrency value. However, that risk is also prevalent with several FIAT currencies. The Bitcoin cryptocurrency is hugely innovative, and a perfect match for online casino players. The sheer number of advantages far outweigh any negatives. Bitcoin uses military-grade cryptography which virtually assures all transactions and coins are always safe and secure. Since Bitcoin is completely anonymous, the system does not store or share any personal information is with anyone. Virtually an entire network of private computers. They handle all the transactions on the blockchain, which is a kind of ledger system where the transactions are recorded and registered anonymously. Bitcoins are extremely limited, so unlike money cash, the market can never be overwrought or flooded with coins. Inflation does not affect the value of Bitcoin negatively. To summarise the most significant advantages of using Bitcoin, there is no government or bank involvement of interference. Bitcoin transactions fees are far lower, even nonexistent. There is no chance of fraud. The more reputable poker sites are now also starting to accept Bitcoin payment. It is super easy to get set up with Bitcoin on a processor such as BitPay or Blockchain.

Is RTG a Respectable Software Brand?

RTG casinos are among the better ones with a high level of security and exceptional features. RTG is undoubtedly a reputable software provider for online casinos that accept US players. RTG was founded as far back as 1998, quickly cemented its place in history within the online gambling community. All RTG sites Ade guaranteed top providers of high-quality casino gaming software and games. RTG has morphed into a world-leading brand, best known for being a US friendly casino software provider. RTG is undoubtedly a top-ranked software platform. RTG offers many unique and original casino games, and the software operates smoothly and flawlessly. Their software is well-known for being fast to download, light on size and easy to load without being too processor intensive. The RTG platform integrates a high level of security measures and other protective features. There are robust and stable encryption protocols to ensure the absolute safety of all player transactions. The RTG software comes with many unique features and exceptional benefits. The software is top-rated and super-fast to load. There is a massive selection of popular video poker games to suit all players along with substantial table game options including roulette, craps and blackjack. There are tons of great slot games, taking in 3 and 5-reel slots, multi-line video slots, as well as substantial progressive jackpot slots. The software automatically updates itself and mini-games can be played inside some of the games as bonus rounds. The games themselves can be controlled by speed and sound and offer exceptional HD graphics that make the games realistic. There is an excellent new live dealer casino lounge where all the best table games can be played in an immersive atmosphere. There is little doubt that RTG casinos are among the best around.