Betsoft Bitcoin Casinos

All of BetSoft's 3D slot games come with 5-reels and between 20 and 30 playing pay lines. Players can regulate to their bet sizes by choosing the coin values they desire, and the number of coins wagered per pay line as well as the total number of active pay lines for every spin. All of the BetSoft games come with unique sets of special features and bonus rounds and games which will whisk players away to another screen and a whole new setting. A few of the slots also come with progressive jackpots. Unlike the fixed top jackpot prizes on offer with standard slots, the sizes of the progressive jackpots increase a little more each time players place a wager. This allows the prize pots to inflate to life-changing amounts before they are finally awarded at random.

BetSoft games also offer some classic slots. While not as popular as modern slot games, these old-school favourites are an entertaining option for those players who enjoy these kinds of land-based fruit machine slots. Classic options include gems such as Chase the Cheese slots, usually comes with 4-reels and 9 pay lines. BetSoft's immensely impressive portfolio of games is made possible by top-quality, cutting-edge technology utilised within every aspect of the game development process.

The Bitcoin casinos which are partnering with the BetSoft offer the games in Flash mode without needing to download any software. The backend of the software and platform makes it incredibly easy for all casino operators to customise BetSoft's software, games and products to suit their own interface. All BetSoft games use provably fair random number generators which monitor and test s the games on a regular, long-term basis, which shows that BetSoft is fully committed to fair play and confirms that all players have an equal chance of winning and striking it lucky. With all this success under their belt, it is no surprise that BetSoft has received multiple industry awards and achievements over recent years. The first significant recognition that BetSoft won was a nomination for Best Online Product Category at the 2012 ICE Awards. The brand went on to gather up the title of Best Gaming Provider which was held at the Login Casino Awards, in 2017.

Favourite Slots

One of the most popular Bitcoin slots is The Slotfather. This Mafioso-themed slot game revolves around the criminal antics of an Italian American mob and offers a high paying progressive jackpot which regularly reaches sky-high limits. Another top fan favourite is Fa-Fa Twins Slots. With 5-reels and an incredible 243 ways to win, the slot game has a beautiful structure, and there are no traditional pay lines; instead, the winning combinations can be created whenever winning matching symbols end up landing in adjacent rows. If there Is one country that casino players associate with incredibly good luck, then it is defiantly Ireland. The Celtic culture seems to be steeped in lucky charms, and all players of Charms & Clover slots are hoping that some of that good luck rubs off. This massive 40-pay line slot is filled with classic, traditional Irish symbols and multiple bonus features. If the Emerald Isle is not quite that exotic enough, then BetSoft players can sink their teeth into The Tipsy Tourist slots on a tropical vacation to sunny Miami Beach. This fantastic slot game really stands out for its amazing extra special features such as the Beachball Free Spins, or the Drinking Bonus Game and the Wild Beach Signs. BetSoft's impressive portfolio of games has expanded beyond slot machine-style games over the last few years. As a result, players can now fully enjoy premium table games, fabulous card games, bingo games and lottery games along with all the fantastic slot game at a number of Bitcoin casinos.

No More Waiting Times

Casino players often have to wait for ages before their withdrawn money is transferred to their bank accounts. Many payment services take their time to process the transactions and remit the money. The entire process can even take a few days, especially when employees will need to approve the transactions manually. Moreover, money transfers are very often delayed during the weekends, since most banking services only process transactions during weekdays. At times there are holidays during the withdrawal process which stall the transaction process even more as many banks will be closed. Bitcoin is the clear solution for players who do not want to wait long for their money to transferred and made accessible, which is not the case with Bitcoin as the withdrawals are virtually instantly transferred to the player's account. The reason for this is that Bitcoin transfers do not need to be verified by any employees. It is a payment system that is processed within the Blockchain. This massive public ledger registers every single Bitcoin transaction so the payouts can be verified without any delay. Bitcoin transactions are processed quicker and more conveniently since players do not need to provide a utility bill or ID copies to the casino and verify their information ea g time they make a withdrawal.

No Transaction Fees

There are no extra transactions fees involved with using Bitcoin or making withdrawals, no middleman is involved. Online casinos are now actually encouraging their players to use Bitcoin cryptocurrency more since the absence of any third party payment processors takes away possible fees from their side as well.

Bitcoin's Advantages

Bitcoin has many clear advantages on most other payment solutions such as eWallets, that do not provide free withdrawal services for players at online casinos. This is understandable since their services involve employee salaries. Bitcoin does not have employees so there will be no need to charge extra and costly fees to players for using the Bitcoin payment method.

Starting Up With Bitcoin

Online casino players who are interested in using Bitcoin as their account funding method will find it is easy and straightforward to get started up with using this useful alternative payment service method. The very first thing to do is to sign up with a wallet service. It acts as a public and private key necessary to receive and send Bitcoin. Once the eWallet is set up, and in place, it is time to purchase Bitcoin from one of the many online marketplaces. One can also choose to mine them, but merely buying Bitcoin is a much more comfortable and quicker solution. After the purchase is confirmed, the coins will be transferred to your eWallet, and then can be used to buy real money credits at any online casino accepting Bitcoin. All in all, the use of Bitcoin at most of the better online casinos is highly recommended. It doesn't take that much effort or time to obtain Bitcoin or transfer them to an online casino account. From there onwards, players will have a convenient, quick and free method to withdraw their winning profits after a lucky casino winning streak.

Speed Demon

Bitcoin makes the money exchange process go much faster. There are multitudes of payment services which make you wait for several days before the money you have won fair and square from an online casino reaches your bank account. With Bitcoin, the cash arrives almost instantaneously. Payments are processed through the blockchain, that is a substantial public domain keeping a record of every Bitcoin transaction on the blockchain. This mechanically confirms the validity of every transaction without delay. Another comfortable feature is that the banking process is speeded up as Bitcoin does not require players to supply their ID or utility bill copies.


Bitcoin Casinos are also famous for offering a wide variety of special Bitcoin bonuses. Provided through the Bitcoin service itself or else through the online casinos themselves, who may want or support Bitcoin use by offering numerous affiliates Bitcoin promotions and bonuses. Bitcoin Casinos will always provide upgraded gifts, free no-deposit bonus rewards, multiple free spins and countless other special and beneficial casino offers.

Many famous and best casinos now use and offer Bitcoin and encourage their players to make the best out of the respective casino services on social media, or on their official website. Using Bitcoin is easy once the player registers with an account and an eWallet. Plates will then be able to use the send and receive options freely. Players can also purchase Bitcoin easily. It is the best online cryptocurrency at the moment and closely related to all online casinos of quality.