RTG Casinos

Many new and exciting RTG Casinos have been launched over the last few years, some of which have received the highest ratings among online players. This is great news for US players because now they have more online casino choices than ever before. RTG Casinos have some of the best slot games online, and you can review these slots games listed on our RTG Slots Page. In the meantime, however, we would like to showcase the newest of these RTG Casinos that have exceeded all expectations. They are:

Enjoy a large variety of games with All RTG Casinos

When it comes to Casino game selection, RTG are the best in their league. They have a vast selection of games with an enormous selection of themes. These can range from Egyptian pharaohs to wildlife and magic. RTG are pioneers in the gaming industry. They were the first to offer progressive jackpots and multi-player poker.

RTG has survived and persevered while many other companies have given up. As one of the first successful gaming casinos they have managed to succeed by being innovative and have a large gaming library and the ability to offer its platform to may operators throughout the globe.

One of the attractions of RTG Casinos is that their games offer players wild and scatter symbols, bonus rounds and free spins and some of the newer games offer a feature guarantee meter. All these contribute to give their players the opportunities to win big prizes.

Another attraction is that they have a good variety of themes and lots of fun to be had while playing these games. The random progressive jackpots in many of their games are extremely popular especially the ones that have a major jackpot as well as a minor jackpot. With these jackpots every player has a chance to win on every single spin as the jackpots are awarded randomly, with no relation to the pay lines or symbols spun.

The most popular RTG casinos are the ones in the video poker department as these tend to offer quite a variety of games that can be played in single or multiple variants, up to a maximum of 100 hands per deal.

Since they were established in 1998 Realtime Gaming or RTG online casinos has seen tremendous growth and expansion over the past 20 years as the number of casino sites has rocketed. Although there are dozens of RTG casinos, players enjoy a unique experience at each casino.

Their software is available in two formats: downloadable software and standalone software that utilises Flash. You can play a vast number of random jackpot casino games video slots, blackjack, roulette, and video poker on your laptop or desk computer as well as on your iPhone, iPad or Android. RTG software is recognised all over the world.

RTG casinos go out of their way to ensure that their clients are satisfied and well-supported. They are the first in their line of gaming casinos. Where RTG Casinos lead, others follow.

Some fantastic New RTG Slots to enjoy

RTG are the best in as far as game selection goes. Their library of slots is one of the largest in the gaming business. Their slots have a lot of different themes and the company also has a dozen or so three-reel games. Some of these are completely unique and no other company comes close when it comes to these slots and their diverse themes. With RTG Slots, variety is the name of the game. They are an innovative company and their slots for 2019 are unique too. All the new slots for 2019 at RTG Slots have soul and character and simply cannot be compared to any other slots in the industry today. Just enter the RTG Casino Slots for a list of the different games you can play. You also have the option of playing more than one slot at the same time. By doing this, apart from having more games to play, the player has the opportunity of receiving twice as many bonus offers from the casino. You can also sign up for the slots and play all the best RTG Casino Slots for 2019 and take advantage of all the campaign offers. You can also make the most of the free spin offers while at the same time gaining access to many other casino slots. There are many advantages in the new slots of RTG and many players are noticing this and opting to play their slots. The new RTG Slots for 2019 have innovative themes as well as having appropriately themed music and extraordinary graphics. The cartoon characters are comical and endearing and very avant garde - a leader in its field. Have fun playing these new slots and as the same time, add more money to your account when you win with the free spins, bonus rounds and especially with the random progressive jackpots. These jackpots can hit you at any time no matter how much you have wagered. All online slots are secure and safe to play at and all are licensed and regulated and up to date with the 2019 regulations. This is good news for the slot players because it means that they can pick and choose their slots safely with peace of mind where they can play with peace of mind knowing that their money and financial details are kept safe when they play the newest RTG Slots in 2019.

RTG News

RTG is a mining and exploration company who is the best as far as game selection goes. They are focused on unlocking value through development of high grade, low cost projects. Their slots have a lot of different themes and the company also has a dozen or so three-reel games. Some of these are completely unique and no other company comes close when it comes to these slots and their diverse themes. The high grade, copper/gold Mabilo Project is currently in the final stages of permitting and near-term production is anticipated. They are an innovative company and their slots for 2019 are unique too. RTG has an experienced management team which has up to date developed seven mines in five different countries, including being responsible of the development of the Masbate Gold Mine in Philippines through CGA Mining Limited, and has B2Gold as one of its major shareholders in the Company. B2Gold is a member of both the S&P/TSX Global Gold and Global Mining Indices. The cautionary note statement includes certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Canadian and applicable securities legislation. These include the interpretation of exploration results, plans for further exploration and accuracy of mineral resources and mineral reserve estimates and related assumptions and inherent operating risks. Therefore there are various risks and uncertainties involved and there can be no assurance that these statements will prove to be accurate. Actual anticipation and actual results can differ from each other. These uncertainties could be related to fluctuations in gold and other commodity prices and currency exchanges as well as uncertainties relating to the interpretation of drill results and the geology, continuity and grade of mineral deposits, of estimates of capital and operating costs, recovery rates, production estimates and estimated economic return. There is also uncertainty about the need for cooperation of government agencies in the development of RTG's mineral projects. Also, there is the need to obtain additional financing to develop RTG's mineral projects as well as the possibility of delay in development programs or in construction projects. All in all, RTG was and still is the leader in its world of casinos, slots, reels and table games. Their vision is avant-garde and many others have followed in their wake. RTG has survived and persevered while many other companies have given up. They have managed to succeed in today's market by being innovative and appealing to game players all over the world.

Deposit with Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies

Depositing with Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies is becoming a way of life today as this method of payments is becoming more and more popular. Bitcoin is considered to be safe, secure and convenient and this is what attracts many people to this crypto currency. When you own a Bitcoin account you will remain anonymous and can easily transfer bitcoins to your account through y our Bitcoin wallet. It is also a quick method of making a deposit and withdrawing bitcoins and allows the player to be anonymous. You can actually in bitcoins and then make a withdrawal to your wallet in dollars, GBP or euro to an address of your choosing. Bitcoin has been found to be the best method when playing in US casinos online. Keep your bitcoin safe by making a paper wallet which can then be used for all cryptocurrencies. Paying by bitcoin is considered to be the most efficient mode of payment for safety, privacy, security, convenience, quickness in making transactions and most importantly anonymity. Bitcoin has taken the world by storm and more and more people are resorting to the bitcoin cryptocurrency. One of its main attractions is that it is so user friendly and so much faster than the conventional method. Bitcoin virtual currency will transform the way that you play real money slots or casino games. Keeping their anonymity is very important to some players and this is why Bitcoin is so popular. With Bitcoin you can keep your anonymity and nobody is to know if you are playing at a casino, losing money, winning money and where you are depositing the money that you win. You will have your own Bitcoin wallet and any winnings will go directly in that wallet using an address of your choice and a currency of your choice. The main currencies used are US$, GBP and Euro. Thousands of people are switching to Bitcoin virtual currency these days. Bitcoin is making ground breaking progress with the US Casinos. Each and every casino transaction is taken care of in a matter of seconds. The most popular US casinos are the ones who are using the Bitcoin as they are considered to be more efficient and the most innovative casinos that exist. Using Bitcoin could not be easier because it is a completely safe and secure system and the most proficient system in existence to date.

Live Dealer RTG Casino

Through the years RTG Casino have proved themselves to be a safe, reliable and innovative company. However, many people thought that the live dealer casinos would never live up to that reputation. They were wrong. Today more and more players prefer the comfort live dealer casinos ensure as the advanced technologies make it possible to experience a game of outstanding quality. For those players who would like to play casino games with a live dealer in the comfort of their own home, this is the prefect scenario. However, due to the fact that live dealer casinos are expensive to maintain, the variety of games are somewhat restricted. The games which are being offered to be played with a live dealer are roulette, blackjack, sic bo, baccarat and their most common variations. The most common forms of blackjack are the classic multi-player table featuring 7 seats and the 1 to many option. The one disadvantage of the 7-seat blackjack table is that during peak hours of the live dealer casino, you might have to wait until there is a vacant seat for you to play on. If you play baccarat or roulette, however, you will not have to face such inconveniences. In most cases, live dealer blackjack pays 3:2. Roulette is a single table game with a live dealer and this is the perfect game as the croupier can handle an infinite number of playing requests. This means that whenever you log into your account you will be eligible for instant play. There are various variations of roulette but the most popular ones are European roulette, French roulette and American roulette. The lived dealer casinos offer an excellent betting interface that enables you to place special wagers and this enables you to keep track of your betting history and to play on several tables at the same time. Baccarat was the first game that was available in live dealer casinos. The variations offered are Punto Banco Baccarat, Baccarat Pairs, In-Running. Bonus Baccarat, Super 6 Baccarat as well as many others. The different variations of the game also have slight differences in the rules. In the poker games, the players compete against the house rather than against other players. Also, the deals are performed in real time instead of being simulated by a computer software. If you choose to call, you can have a look at the dealer's cards and your payout will be determined by the hand you have.

RTG Bonuses

RTG is a very popular casino software games supplier especially among US casino players. Many of the casinos have Real-Time Gaming bonus codes. These are special codes supplied by the company which grant special bonuses. These casino bonus codes change all the time and while they might seem complicated at first, you will find many of them. What you should do is to find these bonus codes for the online casino you want to play with. Casino codes change frequently and many of them will grant you no deposit cash or free spins. Some of them will give you bonuses of 100%, 200% etc. Once you decide which bonuses you want to use, all you have to do is to enter your casino bonus code when registering or when making your first deposit. RTG is a reputable company with many games to offer. This means that you can play at many casinos and use these bonus codes. They do not only offer bonuses on first deposits but they also offer special bonuses to encourage you to try out a particular new game. Usually you will be asked to enter a code when making your next deposit. You could also receive a number of free spins. Real Time Gaming bonus codes can be found all over the internet and can help significantly to boost your online gambling bankroll. These casino bonuses can really help your game whilst giving you nice perks and lengthen or add to your gaming time. Check online for new bonus codes where you can find some free spins, no deposit bonuses or generous deposit offers. RTG Bonuses and free spins give you the opportunity to add to your ever growing pile of money so that you may be in a better position to wager and in turn make more and more money. No deposit bonuses give you the opportunity to find out whether you would like to play the game or not and should you win while playing with the game's money, then that money is yours no matter what. You will have to look into the wagering terms however as there is always a minimum amount which has to be wagered. When you have exceeded the required amount then the money is yours to do with as you please. You can either carry on playing the game or else you can withdraw the money.

RTG No Deposit Bonuses

Founded in 1998, RTG is one of the gambling industry's most successful online casino game developers especially among US casino players. They offer instant play plus downloadable games such as slots, video poker, speciality, table and progressives where you can win really big. RTG has numerous sites where they offer a no deposit bonus on many of their slots and games. Players at these casinos can enjoy a safe, secure and discreet virtual gaming experience which can be accessed 24/7 on laptops, smartphones and tablets. These no deposit bonuses are safe and 100% free. Most of all, you can usually keep all the money you win or if not all, at least some of it. However, whether it is all or some, it is always a good deal for you as you are getting money and not using your funds at all.

Casino codes change frequently and many of them will grant you no deposit cash or free spins. Some of them will give you bonuses of 100%, 200% etc. Once you decide which bonuses you want to use, all you have to do is to enter your casino bonus code when registering or when making your first deposit. RTG have also ensured that they have the most enticing no deposit and welcome bonuses, and a wide range of safe and trusted banking methods. Each one also boasts round the clock fast and efficient customer service facilities, so whatever time it is, you can always contact the casino quickly and easily 24/7.

How does a no deposit bonus work? As has already been explained you do not have to make a deposit of any kind to redeem or claim no deposit bonuses. What you need to do is to click on any of the featured RTG no deposit casinos and then complete the casino new account registration form before you read and agree to the casino terms and conditions. Then submit the form. If you have filled in the form correctly, your chosen casino should send you an email containing a verification link. Once you have clicked on the link, your new real money account will be instantly activated ready for you to fund if and when you are ready. Log in to your new account using your credentials and follow the instructions to start playing your 100 % free no deposit offer. Simple and free!

Themed Slots

The basic slot and fruit classic machines were very basic and conventional using symbols such as bells or fruit. As these slots developed, themes and storylines were added to the machines to attract more players. Nowadays we find animations, 3D video graphics, real footage and digital audio. There are themes of almost anything these days. Themed slots can be based on Movies, TV series, Music, Comic, History and many more. Movie themes have been developed into games. We find games such as Ghostbusters and Jurassic Park. Themed games will always use themes and symbols which relate to the theme but they also include animations and real video footage from the movie.

TV series themes are also very popular as they use graphics and animations that will appeal to fans of each particular show. There are TV series theme games such as Game of Thrones and Star Trek. Obviously players who like that particular TV series are more likely to play their favourite game than players who do not like the TV series at all. However, there are so many themes that there really is something for everyone.

Music themes have always been popular in the past and are still popular today. We find themed games featuring Elvis and Guns N' Roses and their fans go wild for these games. The music played in these themed games play familiar tunes with additional music being played when winning combinations hit. Some of the game have a piece of real concert footage of the band or singer and you can also hear some of their tracks in their entirety while you play the bonus round.

Comic themes are also very popular as they appeal to younger players and players who are young at heart. There is a wide range of comic book themes including games based on The Avengers, Batman and X-Men.

History themes are themes from other eras which are very popular among game developers. Two of the favourite themes are ancient Egypt and ancient Rome. Some popular history themed games include Cleopatra's Gold, Book of Ra, Spartacus, and Caesar's Empire.

RTG Casinos for USA Players

RTG is one of the oldest and most well established online casino soft wares, having been first formed in 1998.one of the main attractions of this company is that they cater for USA players. Their games are very popular especially with US players for its ease of use and very fast game play. This includes their slots as well as their table games too.

RTG casinos have a huge selection of games (about 300) especially slots for their US players. Clear bonus token system. WR counter show how much wagering is left on your bonus. All of their slots have random jackpots which start from $1000 and rise much higher. A random jackpot can be won at any time during the game as it is triggered off completely at random and can give you a windfall when you least expect it. These jackpots can be won playing at any stake per spin. Obviously the higher your bet, the better your chances. All RTG casinos can be played on your Desktop PC, Tablet, Laptop or Smart Phone.

The casinos listed on RTG's sites for USA Players are 100% safe and secure. Always check the T&Cs before you make a deposit and make sure you read the rules for any bonuses you claim. Also check their banking terms for any minimum or maximum cash-out restrictions. Getting money into and out of online casinos is sometimes problematic for American players, however RTG is striving to make these transactions as easy as possible for you. Always research your deposit and particularly your withdrawal options before you start playing at any casino.

Always read and fully understand any bonus T&Cs before you claim the bonus. Look out for any games which do not count towards your wagering requirement and also look out for these prohibited games which you must not play while using a bonus. Once you satisfy the wagering requirements, then these bonuses are yours to keep and you can cash out everything in your casino account. There is also a different type of bonus for USA players and this has a much bigger percentage than the cashable type with the difference that once you satisfy the wagering bonus, the value of the bonus is taken out of your account when you cash out. Most RTGs offer USA players email and toll-free telephone support as well as the live chat option.

RTG Casinos for Australian Players

Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular with Australian players. Gambling is part and parcel of the Australians national identity and their culture. Here is where RTG come in by targeting the Australian gaming population directly. Australians can pick and choose any online casino in the world as they have little legislation controlling deposits and other aspects of online gambling.

Unlike Canada and America, the Australian government does not limit people who want to play casino games online and this means that Australians lots of online casinos to choose from. However, due to its excellent reputation, RTG is definitely the best contender by far. If a player is new to online gambling they are sure to try and find the best casino for them. As RTG offers a safe and secure environment as well as their many different slots and online games to play, the chances are that Australians will choose RTG online casinos.

When looking for an online casino to play at, Australians should keep these points in mind.

1. Choose the casino with the best bonuses. Customers are drawn to large bonuses so look out for large welcome bonuses and no deposit bonuses. 2. Look for an online casino which offers a wide variety of games. 3. Join an Australian online casino only if it has plenty of customer support options to choose from. This includes 24/7 access to customer support, through some combination of email, live chat, toll-free phone support, and online contact forms. 4. Online casinos that accept residents from Australia will offer large casino deposit bonuses because they are competing for your business. This is advantageous for you as they will offer you regular promotions such as tournaments and deposit bonuses to put some free cash in your player account. 5. Always check that the casino is licensed, independently audited, regulated, and uses encryption software to protect the sensitive personal and financial information 6. Lastly, check what online casino deposit methods are available. Choose an online casino that accepts deposits using a method that you are comfortable with.

Since RTG online casino satisfies the criteria for Australian players, then it is definitely the casino of choice. RTG is a reputable casino which is safe and secure and which offers many interesting and fun games to play online. They are the leaders in their line and definitely a company to be reckoned with.

RTG Casinos for South African Players

RTG online casinos are available to South African players where players can wager in ZAR with no need of converting their money into other currencies. RTG are downloadable and instant play software platforms offering a full range of casino games. Sporting an excellent reputation for having innovative features and smooth gameplay, Real Time Gaming is considered to be one of the most prominent software developers in the industry. They also offer a multitude of other casino games such as Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Keno and more.

South African players can choose a venue that suits their preference best and enjoy sign up or no deposit bonuses in a safe and secure gaming environment. Established in 1998, they provide players with a genuine land-based casino gaming experience with titles which can be played on a downloadable or Flash platform. Their motto is "we take gaming seriously" and this can be seen once you enter the library of their slot machines. Always releasing new titles on a regular basis, RTG offers more than one hundred titles which include classic and video slot machines along with progressive jackpots. RTG offers its South African players frequent no deposit bonuses and free roll tournaments which offer a chance to compete against other players for a share of a prize pool.

South African players love playing RTG slot machines because they offer various bonus features as well as free spins, interactive screens, the Pick and Choose feature or mystery multipliers. The graphics are decent and the animations are smooth and their themes are inspired by a variety of stories from ocean to nature, history and musicals as well as movies and tv series. Among some of the most popular titles we find Aztec's Treasure, Ocean Oddities, Jumping Beans, Mystic Dragon and more.

The random progressive jackpots is one of the most attractive features of RTG slot machines. This jackpot gives you the chance of winning a jackpot at any point during the game with no need of lining up all matching symbols on all of the reels. Some slots containing these jackpots are Aztec's Millions, Megasaur and Jackpot Pinatas which offer huge payouts. Sometimes the games even offer two progressive jackpots, a major jackpot and a minor jackpot and this makes these games definitely worth playing. South African players are sure to enjoy playing these games by RTG casino online.

RTG Tournaments

RTG has created slot tournaments and free slot tournaments for the tournament enthusiast to enjoy. They offer you a list of tournaments that they are offering and you have to choose which one you want to enter and you register for it. Once the tournament starts the casino will set a starting balance for you. You will be allotted a certain amount of time that you will have to spin through the balance. Once you have reached the time limit or if your balance drops to zero, then your play time is up. Then wait till the end of the tournament for the winners to be announced.

The value of the prize and the amount of prizes varies from tournament to tournament. Buy in tournaments will have a larger prize pool where free slot tournaments will have a smaller prize pool. Either way, you could be named the top winner and take home a fantastic prize. There are various types of fun and crazy slot tournaments online. Apart from the free slot tournaments, online casinos also offer buy in tournaments and sit and go's. They also offer promotional tournaments that are free and some others that require an entry fee. The free online slot tournaments do not require any entry fees from the players at all.

RTG casinos offer tournaments on an hourly, bi-hourly, daily and weekly schedule. Usually a tournament lasts for five to seven minutes of play time but the tournament can run for more than one day. This means that you can play your five to seven minutes at any time during the time scheduled for that particular tournament. This is known as a Sit and Go tournament. RTG are one of the most reputable online casinos in the industry. A typical RTG tournament requires preregistration as most only allow 500 players and fill up fast. The tournament schedule is posted well in advance along with the time that registration opens, so you can pre plan when to login and get registered.

A large variety of slot tournaments are powered by RTG. These slot tournaments have risen to popularity because unlike regular slot play, you know exactly how much you are going to win. It is a set amount. Entry fees vary. The fee could be as low as $10 all the way to thousands of dollars. There are also VIP or invite only tournaments. These slot tournaments are typically for high rollers.

Slots.LV Casino

Slots.LV Casino is a new online casino but already has gained the respect and admiration of many online players due to its support service, games, promotions, and fabulous bonuses. When you join Slots.LV Casino, you can be assured that your gaming experience will be far above what you would normally expect from an online casino.

Slots.LV's New Welcome Bonus

When you join Slots.LV Casino, you will receive an unprecedented 100% match welcome bonus up to $5,000! Moreover, this welcome bonus is not spread over several deposits, but will be given on the first deposit!

Casino Games at Slots.LV

One of the major benefits in joining Slots.LV Casino is that it is also a Flash casino. This means you can play any of their 60 casino games right on your browser without having to download the entire casino version. More importantly, however, is the number of games available to you at Cherry Red Casino. These include table games, video poker, specialty games, and slots. Over 70 slot games are featured at Slots.LV, and the most popular are: Cleopatra's Gold Slots, Crazy Vegas Slots, Fruit Frenzy Slots, The Three Stooges Slots, and many more.

Payment Methods

At Slots.LV Casino, there are a variety of payment methods available to US players including: eWalletXpress, UseMyWallet, and gift cards. Additional payment methods include: Click2Pay, Moneybookers, EcoCard, and credit cards.

Exceptional Support System

Slots.LV Casino offers one of the best customer support systems online today. Their friendly and experienced staff will assist you with all your needs. You can reach via phone, fax, and email.

If you are new to online casino gambling, you certainly want to start off on the right foot. You can do that by joining one of the most recognized online casinos today - join Slots.LV Casino now!

Win Palace Casino

With its sleek design and user-friendly navigability, Win Palace Casino welcomes US players in style! Powered by RTG and offering some of the best online slots around, Win Palace Casino is one of the top rated casinos among online players, particularly slot players, and for a good reason!

Welcome Bonus and Promotions

When you join Win Palace Casino, you will be given a 100% match bonus up to $1000 on the first 2 deposits. In addition, slot players will receive a 300% match bonus up to $3,000 with the first deposit! This is unprecedented and a fabulous way to reward slot players who join Win Palace Casino. In addition, you can look forward to: Casino Bonuses

  • $1,000 Welcome Bonus!
  • $3000 Slots Bonus
  • High Roller Bonus
  • BlackJack bonus
  • Video Poker Bonus
  • Bonus Specials This Week


Bonus Specials for Slot Players:
  • Deposit: $21 or more and get 194% bonus. Use Bonus code: PEARL1
  • Deposit: $100 or more and get 232% bonus. Use Bonus code: PEARL2
  • Deposit $225 or more ‎and get 255% bonus. Use Bonus code: PEARL3
  • Deposit $290 or more ‎and get 285% bonus. UseBonus code: PEARL4
Bonus Specials for Table Games Players:
  • Deposit: $21 or more and get 110% bonus. Use code: SEAT1
  • Deposit: $100 or more 150% bonus. Use code: SEAT2

Casino Games at Win Palace Casino

The games available at Win Palace Slots Casino include: Table Games, Specialty Games, Video Poker, Roulette, Craps, Progressives, and Real Series Slots. Some of the best known and most popular slot games are T-Rex Slots, Aztec's Millions Slots, Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold Slots, and King Tut's Treasure Slots, and many more.

Payment Methods at Win Palace Casino

There are a variety of payment methods available at Win Palace Casino including: Visa, MasterCard, ClickandBuy, Gold-Pay, Click2Pay, UseMyWallet, NETeller, Ukash, and eWalletXpress.

Customer Service Support

In addition to their 24/7 Live Chat, Win Palace Slots Casino offers players an excellent FAQ section addressing immediate questions, as well as email, fax, and phone support.

If you are a slot player who is looking for a casino offering fabulous games and a once-in-a-lifetime slot bonus, we urge you to join Win Palace Casino today!

Grande Vegas Casino

Welcoming USA players, Grande Vegas Casino is so colorful and inviting, that you can't help but feel welcome! Open to US players, offers a red hot display of bonuses, promotions, and the most popular games online today. Powered by Real Time Gaming, this is one casino you will want to join today not only because it's very popular among online players, but because it is also a Flash casino!

Hot Bonuses at Grande Vegas Casino

When you join Grande Vegas Casino, you will receive a 200% match welcome bonus up to $100. But that's just the beginning! You will also receive:

  • $200 Grande Rewards
  • $100 Cosmopolitan Bonus
  • $100 Grande Mid Month
  • Redeposit offers
  • Free Monday Bonuses for Slot Players: Receive a 50% match bonus 10 times worth $10,000 FREE! Deposit up to $2,000 and get up to $1,000 FREE!
  • Wild Vegas Bonus 77% up to $154 free
  • Table games Cash Back Bonus

Grande Vegas Casino Games

With over 125 games in their portfolio, Grande Vegas Casino games are simply fantastic. Featured are table games, video poker, specialty games, and slots. Among the most popular are Jackpot Cleopatra's Gold, Aztec's Millions, Triple 7 Inferno, and more.

Payment Methods at Grande Vegas Casino

There are a variety of methods you can use to deposit and withdraw funds at Grande Vegas Casino, and they include: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, UseMyWallet, NETeller, Click2Pay, Moneybookers (Skrill), EcoCard, and Bank Wire. If you use the following methods along with the coupon code, you will receive bonuses in return: Moneybookers (Skrill) - 20% bonus; NETeller - 20%; EcoCard - 20%; UseMyWallet - 20%; Click2Pay - 10%; Ewallet - 5%; Credit Card - 5%.

Customer Support Service at Grande Vegas Casino

Along with their 24/7 live chat, you can reach their customer service representatives by calling the toll free phone numbers, fax number, or use their email support. In addition, they have a FAQ section to answer your immediate questions.

We invite all US players to join Grande Vegas Casino today and experience gaming in an entirely new, bold, and exciting environment.

Caesars Casino Online

Harrah's Interactive Entertainment recently launched the new Caesars Casino Online and although is not open to US players, it is available to players in the UK. Although similar in design to its land-based cousin, the similarity ends there as Caesars Casino Online has distinguished itself in so many areas.

Dragonfish Software

Powered by Dragonfish, a division of 888 Holdings, Caesars Casino Online has over 1000 casino games in its portfolio; making it one of the premier online casinos in terms of gaming, service, and support. Among the many games offered at Caesars Casino Online is their stand-alone Poker site. But at their casino, you can play card and table games; blackjack; roulette; video poker; slots; video slots; and specialty games. Among the most popular video slots are: Cleopatra Slots, Santastic Slots, Spiderman, and the Fantastic Four!

Promotions and Bonuses

When you join Caesars Casino Online, you will receive a 200% welcome bonus of up to €£$1,000. Along with this welcome bonus, Caesars is offering additional promotions:

  • Happy Hours: Win up to 50 GBP on the last day of every month from 7PM to 9PM. The number of winners is unlimited, and all you need to do to win is to deposit at least 50 GBP during this promotion and receive an extra 10% bonus up to 50 GBP!
  • Free Cash Bonus: For every 10 GBP you bet, you will earn 1.5 Comp Point. Every 150 Comp Points can be converted to 1 GBP. For every 10 EUR you bet, earn 1.35 Comp Point and every 135 Comp Points can be converted to 1 EUR. For every 10 USD you bet, earn 1 Comp Point and every 100 Comp Points can be converted to 1 USD.

Payment Methods at Caesars Casino Online

There are a variety of deposit and withdrawal methods available to players at Caesars Casino Online. Deposits include: Visa Credit and Debit Cards, MasterCard, EntroPay Virtual Visa Card, NETeller, PayPal, Moneta, Moneybookers (Skrill), and Web Money. For withdrawals, you can use Wire Transfer, Bank Draft, and WebMoney. Caesars also includes deposit methods that cannot receive cashouts. For a list of these methods, see their Real Money section.

Caesars Casino Online Support

Well known for their outstanding support service, Caesars Casino Online casino support service is available 24/7 with live chat as well as toll free phone numbers and email support.

If you have ever been to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, you don't have to go very far to experience the same superb gaming. With their welcome bonus and promotions, and fabulous casino games, why fly when you can join Caesars Casino Online today!