Megasaur Slots

If you love your slots games with a dino theme, you’ll want to take a closer look at Megasaur slots. We’ve reviewed this game for you below so you know what to expect, but as a taster we’ll reveal that we loved the overall look and feel of the game. There’s plenty to look forward to here, that’s for sure!

Are there lots of reels and paylines in play here?

Yes, you’ll see five reels in play in Megasaur and a total of 25 paylines, so it’s good to play if you want lots of chances to win.

How much are the maximum and minimum bets?

You have just three options to choose from here when it comes to betting. You can opt for a minor, major or mega bet. These are worth five, 10 and 20 cents per line respectively.

What special symbols come into play?

You’ll see a number of wild symbols in play here that are either green or red. Green ones appear on the second reel and reds on the fourth. They can substitute for other dinosaurs (literally eating them to get rid of them) to improve the odds of a win.

There is also a scatter symbol represented by a volcano. Get three or more of these in a spin and you can click on them to rack up a series of free spins. This could mean anything between six and a whopping 50 free spins!

Does Megasaur offer a bonus round?

This is the free spins round, but there is a guarantee involved in the game if you play for a while and you don’t get lucky enough to hit it. Once you’ve played 250 spins, if you haven’t already hit this bonus feature it will be triggered at this point anyway.

Download and play Megasaur slots online today!

There’s one final feature to be aware of with Megasaur slots – and it could potentially be a life-changing one. If you look towards the top of the game screen you’ll see a Megasaur Jackpot amount. When we looked at the game to try it out and review it, this had topped an amazing $1 million! Someone has to win this and there is no telling when it will happen. Will you be the lucky person to download and play Megasaur for a massive win today?