Win a staggering $280k at Jackpot Capital with Picnic Hunter Casino Bonuses

That's right, you read correctly! Jackpot Capital Casino is offering an unbelievable promotion. Do you like picnics? Do you love the national parks of the United States of America? This is what Picnic Hunter is all about. Searching through the beautiful national parks for picnic baskets full of cash prizes. In fact, some holding as much as $800 each! Now that's a bonus worth hunting for!

Trip through the Park

America's national parks are unique and capture the raw beauty of nature. They are also popular with visitors, campers, hikers and explorers. You can be one of them. By playing Picnic Hunter, you stand to win some amazing bonuses and prizes. A total of $280,000 is there for the taking. The offer closes on 1st October 2017, so there's plenty of time left. For now. All you need to do is play Picnic Hunter and search every national park to find the cash prize. Besides the $800 bonus picnic baskets every week, players are in with a chance to claim the prize of the week; $5,000! You get the chance to visit such gems as the Rocky Mountains, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone. Each location holds hidden cash prizes. Your quest is to find as many as you can to win as much cash that is just lying there, waiting to be scooped up by some lucky player. If luck favors the brave, then take pot luck and try out this amazing game offer at Jackpot Capital Casino. That lucky player could be you.

Promotional Launch

Picnic Hunter hit the scene at the end of August. With the special offer closing on the 1st October, players have little over a month (September) to take advantage of this lucrative launch offer. Jackpot Capital Casino frequent players and loyal customers will earn frequent player points. Realtime Gaming have supplied the games so quality is sure to be in every game. A scoreboard is available on the casino site listing the top 300 players who will win $30,000 in special bonuses, between them. By simply playing the game you can get your name up on that scoreboard and in with a chance for the cash prizes being thrown away!

Words of Wisdom

Casino manager Oliver Smith commented that since the decision was taken to increase the maximum weekly bonuses to $800, competition amongst players had really heated up. Random wins can be won too, the weekly $5,000 is such a case. Paying out randomly ensures everyone is in with an equal chance.

Pedigree Casino

Jackpot Capital Casino is a rare breed with quality evident from start to finish. This superlative offer is just scratching the surface. What you will find at Jackpot Capital is much more than that. With over 150 slot and casino table games supplied by industry giant, RTG Gaming, then satisfaction is guaranteed. New releases are regularly featured at Jackpot Capital. Gemtopia is another latest arrival and certainly worth checking out. But to stick to the point; which is this excellent bonus offer of up to $280,000 given out on just one of the games in only one month, then that bodes well for the casino. It shows respect and appreciation for players, especially loyal ones, as they stand to gain most. You really should give this offer a chance and the chances of you winning will be multiplied and increased exponentially. Welcome to Jackpot Capital Casino. Welcome to Picnic Hunter and the cash bonanza of $280k being offered to you. Take up the challenge and fight for what's yours by right; great entertainment, fun and chances to win. You owe it to yourself.