Bodog Casino Premium Reward Scheme

Bodog Casino Premium Reward Scheme
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At Bodog Casino, the accent is on a premium gaming experience. Innovation and creativity are evident from start to finish, and there are several great ongoing promotions. Taking things one step further, Bodog is introducing a new loyalty program that stands out from the crowd. Besides offering a wealth of newly released games, Bodog has gone one step further. The new scheme rewards all players, however, the higher the tier, the greater the reward. Climbing up this 14 tiered ladder is accomplished as the wagering increases. The prizes just get better and better, and points can be earned by wagering at the Bodog Sportsbook and Casino sites.

Cash Out or Carry On

The choice is yours. You are of course, free to cash out at any time you choose. You can also carry on into the night, playing and wagering, which leads you up the levels, step by step, until you reach the top. Cashing out doesn't mean you will lose your tier status. It is saved until the next time you visit the casino. If you choose to play on, it means you will slowly move up the 14 tiers until you reach the penultimate level, where the offers and rewards are the ultimate.

Bodog Really Rewards

The rewards at Bodog Casino are genuine. You get a taste of exciting events and promotions which increase in potency, just like a multiplier effect. The loyalty scheme is truly unique and can add to your credits and winning chances. You even get cash back on your losses with this excellent loyalty program. Furthermore, you are never downgraded to a lower tier, no matter how seldom you visit Bodog Casino. When you go back, your last tier level is saved for you, so you will find it as it was.

How does it work?

Simple, sign up, and you are automatically on the first tier. The more you play, the higher up you can move. Points can be accumulated and redeemed later for bigger and better prizes. Alternatively, they can be redeemed immediately.

Rewards Portal

The Rewards Portal allows you to continually check your progress and status so that you can decide there and then what to do. Your points balance and tier status can be verified at a glance. You will also receive timely reminders that your points may be about to expire, so you can redeem them before they do. You also get instant access to cash rewards, which puts you entirely in control, all the time.

Bodog Boost

This Reward Scheme on offer is designed to boost your budget when you need it. It awards all players according to their tier level. Everyone wins, but the higher up, the better the prizes are. Bodog Casino has a lot going for it. Great platforms, reliable software, extensive game selection with something for everyone, and now, this new loyalty scheme places Bodog Casino in a league of its own. Expect more and better; innovation does not stop here. For now, try out the new loyalty program at Bodog Casino and earn the best rewards and exclusive offers.