The Ignition Rewards Program Handsomely Compensates Its Loyal Members

Ignition Casino has recently set up a loyalty program for its online platform. This loyalty program is called Ignition Rewards and it includes both new and upgraded casino features. Any gambler who creates an account at the casino, will automatically start to participate in the platform's rewards program.

Within that program, they can earn exclusive bonuses, Ignition Miles and other benefits. In terms of receiving these benefits, it all comes down to how active members decides to be at the online casino, because they will earn miles when they play. These miles can be accumulated. Then, when a member has collected a certain number of them, the miles can be exchanged for game play boosting perks and cash rewards.

Furthermore, it is also good to know that players will automatically lock their status in the program, which means that they will not lose their loyalty member benefits. Casino members who like to know more about what they can expect from this loyalty program, should check out the information below so that they can decide for themselves if it is a worthwhile rewards program to join.

How to Claim Points for the Rewards Program

Members claim points for the rewards program when they play casino games. They can then give these points back to the casino, and, depending on the number of points that are redeemed, they will receive special casino related gifts in return. Members build up their loyalty status with the casino, and their earned status stays locked.

No steps need to be taken to sign up for the loyalty program, because new casino members automatically and conveniently join it after they have created their very own account at the platform. Then, from the moment they start to play, the miles start to ad up immediately. This means that members of this platform are constantly being rewarded when they play.

And with the help of accumulated reward points, loyal members can spoil themselves with various perks, special weekly matches and the easy to grab money bonuses that are available in the loyalty program's gift collection. Those who have their eyes on all these special benefits, will be happy to find out that this loyalty program has a couple of tiers, and that the casino giveaways get better and better when players reach higher tiers.

The Eight Tiers of the Program

The casino's loyalty program has a total of eight tiers, which are steel, chrome, bronze, silver, gold, platinum, titanium and diamond. Once players reach a certain tier, their status will be locked on it. This is a big benefit, because many loyalty programs from other casinos make players lose their status if they are not active enough or do not earn enough points within a certain time period.

With this rewards program, the only way further is up, and every rise in the program’s ranks comes with the opportunity to earn more exclusive rewards. Furthermore, players will also get money back on the losses that they make during gaming and gambling sessions. The cashback bonus starts with 6%, and it becomes better when players reach higher tiers. The highest cashback bonus is 15%.

How to Check Member Loyalty Program Details

In order to make it convenient for players to check and manage their loyalty program details, the casino has set up an easy and quick to access rewards portal on its virtual platform. Members can enter this portal and check things like their status level and the rewards points balance, so that they know what kind of perks and rewards they are eligible to.

Head over to Ignition Casino and Get Started

With all of this being said, it should be a logical choice for any casino fan to head over to Ignition Casino and give this rewards program a try. Good things can come from it, and rightfully so, because casinos love to have loyal and active members on their platforms, and thus like to reward them with many perks and prizes.