Cafe Casino Perks: Time is Now, Benefits have never been better

Where do you find the best Perks? Right here at Cafe Casino, that’s where. Not only do they offer a tremendous tiered point system, but over and above, there are the magical Perk Points. Ok, ok! Don’t get so excited! Let’s start at the beginning.

Cafè Casino is a superlative online casino with all the trimmings and gambling features. Nothing is left to the imagination, not even the Perks! You get the unmissable chance to collect points as you wager at the casino. Every penny counts towards your Perks Points, which are distinct from the actual Tier Points that take you up the ladder to casino heaven.

Loyalty is Rewarded Richly

At Cafe Casino, the philosophy is to offer the very best gaming experiences. The Perks Points system contributes towards this cause admirably and efficiently. In fact, there is no better way to get points than by playing. The more you play, the more points you accumulate. Loyalty is s quality we value the most, that’s why we reward our players generously and handsomely. You can even win cash back on your losses.

8 Steps to Heaven

There are eight Tiers or levels that lead to the top and casino heaven. The higher up, the better the bonuses, gifts and cash. Everyone's a winner at Cafe Casino. Everyone starts out on tier one. Then it’s up to them. It’s a tempting proposition to move up the loyalty program levels.

Perk vs Tier Points

The difference between Perk and Tier points is vast. The Tier Points take you up the ladder to the penultimate, eighth Tier. The Perk Points can be redeemed for cash, bonuses or other gifts. Your Perks Points balance can be accessed via the Perks portal. The Tier Points do in fact, give extra money back on losses, as per promotion.

Redeeming the Points

Once you are in, you are in forever! You will never lose your Tier status, no matter how much time passes. Climb the steps and never lose your high status. All the games count towards Perk Points, including Blackjack or other table games along with all the slots. You may redeem the Perk Points at any time you desire, and you will never lose them.

Perk Points Conversion Rates

Each of the seven Tiers at Cafè Casino has different Perk Points conversion rates. Obviously, the higher up, the better the rate. The following seven Tiers offer rates as such: Tier 1; 2,500 points earns $1 with a 10% cashback bonus. Tier 2; 2,250 points earns $1 with an 11% cashback bonus. Tier 3; 2,000 points earns $1 with a 12% cashback bonus. Tier 4; 1,750 points earns $1 with a 13% cashback bonus. Tier 5; 1,500 points earns $1 with a 14% cashback bonus. Tier 6; 1,250 points earns $1 with a 15% cashback bonus. Tier 7; 1,000 points earns $1 with a 16% cashback bonus. Finally, the penultimate Tier 8; 1,000 points earns $1 with an 18% cashback bonus.

Fun & Points

At Cafè Casino, we want you to have fun. That’s why we have created this engaging Tier system that rewards loyalty like no other online casino. The Perks Points allow players to accumulate something from nothing. While other casinos just take your money, at least at Cafè Casino, they strive to give something back to loyal players. Any game counts towards your total, so you don’t have to worry about choosing a select few. Cafè Casino is on the ball, and the ball is in your court.

Cafè Casino

Cafè Casino has pulled a rabbit out of the hay with this innovation and engaging points system. The pleasure of wagering is rewarded just a little, but significantly enough to make a difference when it comes to redeeming the points for lovely gifts and welcome cash awards. Let yourself be entertained while you wager and you may come out of it just that little bit richer. If you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of life, just take a trip to the Cafè, where ‘the‘ Casino (Cafè) awaits you with Perk Points to give. There’s a lot more besides, with great promotions, top of the range games and hot casino gambling action. A virtual, online casino paradise, made all the better with the innovative, new Perk Points. Earn while you play!