How Do Bonus Symbols Work In Slot Games?

Whenever you glance at a paytable for a slot machine, you’ll see certain symbols that are more important than others. You might see a wild or a scatter, and you might see bonus symbols too.

These are important symbols when they appear, because they are capable of triggering one or more bonuses within a slot. We’re going to dive into the bonus symbol area now, so you get a better idea of what to expect.

How do bonus symbols trigger the bonuses?

It depends on the game. Oftentimes, three are required to trigger a bonus. They may need to appear on certain reels or they could appear anywhere and be valid. In other games, a bonus symbol might only need to appear twice – perhaps on reels one and five. In other scenarios, bonuses need to appear next to specific symbols to count. It all depends on the game.

What kinds of bonuses can these symbols trigger?

Free spins are among the most common you will see, although many of these are unlocked with scatters rather than bonus symbols. You may play slots that use a ‘bonus scatter’ though, so it depends on how the symbols are labeled.

You can sometimes find more than one bonus icon in a slot game

This is the Holy Grail. There could be two or three bonus icons available, each one triggering a different bonus feature whenever you get the right combination to make it happen.

These tend to appear in games with more depth – ones that have a story behind the game that lends itself to various scenarios playing out in the bonus features. Some of the bonuses might take place on the reels rather than on a second screen, too. For instance, if you get a bonus icon in the middle position of reel three, you may trigger a Click Me feature. This allows you to try and win instant prizes by clicking the panels or items shown.

There are lots of ways bonus symbols can be included in a slot game. You might get numerous bonuses in a good game with plenty of depth. Conversely, there may only be one bonus. Either way, slot players do tend to appreciate the addition of bonuses in a game. It does make the game more interesting as there is way more to discover as you begin to play.