Online Slots

You know that amazing feeling when you walk into a big casino in Las Vegas, Atlantic City or Monte Carlo? Soon as you walk through the door you hear sounds of bells, chimes, tons of coins clinking in the bottom trays, ringing sounds and musical tunes coming from all the games. Remember how it gets you so excited and you can feel the energy everywhere? You take it all in as you keep walking and looking around, now you can see all the lights, signs and big jackpots on the big screens, even beautiful brand new cars parked on top behind rows of slots. Well, playing online casino slots brings that same feeling and casino atmosphere right into the comfort of your own home. Were going to give you a traveling introduction to versions of slots you’ll find throughout the world. Now it’s time for you to get an international taste to slots around the globe.

Fruit Machines Pokies - Australian Slot Machines

G’day mate, let’s take a spin on a Fruit Machine Pokies just like when you’re visiting the downunder in the land of plenty. Ever since the early 1900’s the Pokies have been played and enjoyed by many Australians for years. In the beginning the symbols were simple playing cards, thus the name Pokie. Now they use video displays in place of the five reels. That’s the good life just like in Australia, when most Aussies would enjoy some shrimp on the Barbie, then head on down to the pub or casino and play on the Pokies.

Japanese Slot Machines

Konnichiwa or hello in Japanese is a good way to start your visit to the casino. Japan has great cars, sushi and a love for Karaoke but they do play some pretty interesting slots games. The Japanese version of slots is pretty simple compared to American or Australian slots. One thing you will notice is the Japanese slots have a ”skill stop” and not an “auto-stop” like the common slots. That way the player gets to choose when the reels stop and the winning starts.

3 Reels Slot Machines

Ah the classic, three reel slots. Just like the original slots machines Charles Fey invented in 1887. His machine had three spinning reels containing a total of five symbols: horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts, and a Liberty Bell. All you had to do is pull that lever and spin the three reels to see if lady luck was lining up in your symbols and the coins would come a dropping into the tray. You can still get that same three reel action at all your favorite online casinos.

5 Reels Video Slot Machines

A real favorite with slots lovers everywhere and really the future of slots entertainment. No mechanics required here and everything is all about computer graphics, illustrations and animations. The themes are realistic and the games outstanding. The next generation of games is the 3D slots that take Video slots to a whole new level.

Progressive Slots

Looking to win that big life-changing progressive jackpot? Want to be sitting at home and hit the big one? Well the progressive slot’s is how you do it. You can go to any popular online casino and watch the jackpot ticker, usually on the home page, that just keeps climbing just like the progressive slots in Vegas. How’s it done? Well, there are multiple slots machines that are "linked" together on a network to form one large progressive jackpot. It keeps growing more quickly when there are multiple players that keep playing and contributing to the jackpot, all at the same time.


I-Slots are fantastic and will introduce you to the fun of interactive slots machines. The games are really well designed and come with excellent graphical themes to keep you entertained. You get to follow a story line and you can actually get involved with the characters and events as you play along and win cash. It’s like a Video Slots Game that prompts you to get involved and interact. You’ll find as you play, you are presented with multiple scenarios, choices and features based on the results of your spins.