Slots Games with Superb Bonus Rounds

When you start playing online slots, you will notice there are all kinds of different slots games you can play. However lots of people look out for games that have built in bonus rounds as well. These add an extra level of playability to the game because they can open up new cash prizes and other bonuses too.

Let’s check out three of the best slots games you can download and play that offer sensational bonus rounds!

What’s Your Sign? Slots

What’s Your Sign? Slots game is based around the signs of the Zodiac, and the bonus game is excellent. This is because it guarantees you a prize and you get three shots at choosing one.

If you think the prize you have chosen isn’t large enough, you can try up to two more times. You can either stick on the first or second go, or take whatever comes up in third place. Either way you get a prize each time you play the round! casino to play : Liberty Slots Casino.

Archipelago Slots

Archipelago Slots is a great fantasy game that is addictive to play. Apart from some superb game play in normal mode, you also have the chance to unlock the Spirits of Nature bonus game.

You need three bonus symbols to do this, so watch out for them! Casino to play: Bovada Casino.

Freaky Gym Slots

If you like a cartoon feel to your slots games, you’ll love the Freaky Gym Slots game! It has plenty of great features including a superb bonus round.

You have three characters waiting to exercise and you have to select one of them to back. The game is called Kids’ Power and it is great fun to play. Casino to play : Slots.LV casino.

Watch out for great bonus games on other online slots games today!

Bonus games add more depth to any slots game they appear on. What’s more, you tend to stand a good chance of winning a nice cash prize whenever you unlock the bonus round to play it.

If you play any one slots game for long enough you might even get to play the bonus game twice! So watch out for new games coming out with bonus games as part of the fun.

Some games even have more than one bonus round depending on how they are created. Whatever ones you try out, you will certainly be glad you looked for them. They can transform a standard slots game into something very special indeed!