Freaky Gym Slots

Well we are all keep fit freaks if we think about it, but not all of us actually do anything about it. Now you can when you log on to the new 5 reel slots game that can be found at USA Juicy Stakes Casino, Freaky Gym slots. Freaky Gym slots is a fun and exciting animated 5 reel slots game with plenty of action from the gym. There are 30 different paylines which offer free spins, multipliers, bonus wins and even bonus games on separate screens.

Animated Characters Fill the Screens

All of the characters in this colorful slots game are animated and each time they make up a winning line the animation is activated from boxing green beanies to hula hoop girls, weight lifting muscle munchkins and many more including running machines. The characters also make some cute sounds as they activate winning lines. And there are plenty of opportunities to win here from the scatter symbols o the two different bonus games that you can find. The scatter symbol is the girl with the hula hoop and when three or more land on your screen you are awarded free spins. The more that you land, the more free spins that you are awarded, three scatters gives you three free spins whereas 5 scatters gives you 10 free spins.

The Weighty Multiplier

There is a separate multiplier in the shape of a weight and when this lands on your screen you are awarded the multiplying amount, the multipliers can be as high as 10x. These multiplying weights substitute for other symbols to make up winning lines In addition to the multiplier there is something called the freaky pot bonus meter where about 5% of your stake is given to the pot and after approximate 60 spins it is paid back to you sometimes with a multiplier of up to 500 times.

Kids Power Bonus Game

And if you think this is not enough you can also enjoy the possibility of winning a chance at the Kids Power bonus game which takes place on a separate screen. When three or more bonus symbols are on your screen you are taken to the bonus game where you get to pick between two boys and girl who are exercising. The one who lasts the longest pays out the highest amount. At the end of the bonus game you are taken back to the main screen to continue with the game. Freaky Gym slots can also be played for fun if you are not sure of the rules or want to practice before you place the real money bets. But nothing of course, beats the real money bets with real money wins and lots of action and keep fit options!