Fairytale Legends Slots

Have you encountered the Fairytale Legends slot games yet? If not, you are about to discover a superb series of slots from NetEnt that has garnered a huge collection of fans. It is hard to describe just how exciting this series is, but we are going to try and do that for you right now. Will you enjoy these games as much as we do?

They come from NetEnt

Well, we have revealed this much already. However, we can confirm these slots were developed by NetEnt and they’ve clearly put a lot of work into them. There are lots of other great successes in their collection, so we feel we are in safe hands when trying the Fairytale Legends series of games too.

Each one is designed around a famous fairytale character

The games have all been inspired by a famous character everyone has heard of. We get to follow Hansel and Gretel into the woods, for example. Another game is focused on Little Red Riding Hood. The most recent release is called Mirror Mirror. This breaks away from each slot being named after the main character, but it does of course feature the story of the princess, the queen, and the mirror itself.

Each one is packed with exciting features

The first two games featured the Treasure Chest Bonus, giving you the chance to win one of three features. You can see something similar in Mirror Mirror too, where the Mirror Mirror Bonus allows you to choose a box to determine which bonus you will win. There are coin wins and free spins included each time, but each slot also includes a bonus that is relevant to the story being told. If you have tried these games, you will be familiar with the Fairy Features included in each one as well. These are hugely popular, which is probably why they were introduced into later games following the success of the first release. Watch out for random features including the Fairy Wild Spin, the Fairy Magic Spin, and the Fairy Surprise. These games have certainly proven very popular, and we would love to see more characters given the Fairytale Legends treatment from NetEnt soon. We cannot imagine they won’t continue the series, thanks to its enduring popularity. And if you like one game, we think the odds are good you will love them all.