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Avalon Slots

Would you like to visit the world of King Arthur and Guinevere? Microgaming has been inspired to develop two slots along these lines, and we like them both. However, as you’ll soon see, one of these slots is certainly far better than the other…

What does the Avalon slot offer?

Avalon is a straightforward five-reel, 20-line game that does away with any kind of background. Instead, the reels are large and easy to see as they spin. You will see crowns, cups, and figures appearing on those reels as you play. If you find the Lady in the Lake three or more times in a base game, you will secure 12 free spins. These include the two wilds that may appear in the base game as well, and the chance to enjoy a multiplier worth up to 7x.

What does the sequel, Avalon II, offer?

If you played the original one, you’ll notice a huge upgrade in quality here. We get some background to look at this time, although the action is largely reserved for the five reels. Avalon II goes for 243 ways to win rather than providing us with paylines. Morgan, Arthur, and Merlin all appear here, as does Guinevere. There is a Grail Quest Feature included too, and this consists of several bonus features you play in turn. If you want to sit and play a game for a while, this is a great one to choose.

Is one game better than the other?

This is a matter of personal taste. However, we cannot imagine anyone would prefer the original title. It’s good, for sure, but it does not surpass the depth and detail offered in the sequel. That’s where you get to play the Grail Quest Feature. You can discover the Lake of Legends, the Hall of Shadows, and eventually perhaps even reach the Isle of Avalon. Who knows what might happen if you get that far?

The sequel takes you on a journey that isn’t available in the first game. That makes it more appealing to play, especially if you want to play it for a while. If it suits your budget, Avalon II might be a new favorite once you give it a try. You never know how much you might win if you reach the bonus feature a few times to play different elements of it.