Avalon II Slots

Avalon II Slots
You may remember Avalon, the original game from Microgaming, if you played it when it first came out. Now we have Avalon II as well, and it packs in an equally good punch. We’ve reviewed it here so you can have a taste of what to expect.

How many reels and paylines does Avalon II have?

This game has five reels but there are an incredible 243 ways to win money when you play.

What are the maximum and minimum bets for this game?

The smallest amount you can wager is one cent and one coin per spin. The largest amount is five cents and five coins per spin. The game includes a bet window beneath these two boxes so you can always be clear on what you’re wagering.

Are there any special symbols in play?

Yes, watch out for the grail cup since a minimum of three of these unlock the grail bonus. Merlin is good to come up against too, because he will award you one of two things – a multiplier or a cash prize. The Lady of the Lake herself could also appear as an expanding wild on the third reel.

Various other symbols include the Black Knight, Morgan and Guinevere, and they are all worth different amounts if you get two or three of them at a minimum, depending on the symbol.

Does Avalon II have any bonus games?

Yes – and it has way more than one too. In fact it has eight, each with a different name. These include Whispering Woods, Misty Vale, Lake of Legend and Forest Falls. The idea is to travel through the kingdom in search of the grail. Each bonus game works differently and you can win free spins and different prizes depending on how well you do each time.

Download and play Avalon II today!

A lot of thought has gone into Avalon II and it shows. The graphics are excellent, offering lots of appeal as you play. There are plenty of symbols in play too, so you never know whether you might end up with smaller or bigger prizes.

For our money the best feature is the number of bonus games you could unlock. Having lots of them to uncover makes Avalon II very different from many other games, which either have one or no bonuses at all. For our money, we’d be happy to give Avalon II a try any day.