The more bonuses the better?

If there is one thing many slot players love today, it is a good bonus. We're not talking about the bonuses you get when you join a casino - we're talking about the ones you can access while playing a good slot game. We think it makes sense to play games that offer lots of bonuses, so let's see why that's the case.

Lots of bonuses means more variety for you

Bonuses can include a free spins round, or perhaps a second screen bonus feature to play. Sometimes, you'll get an on-reels bonus that allows you to pick from the available items to reveal coin prizes. The more varied the bonuses are, the more chances you've got to trigger some more unusual bonuses as you play.

Some games have more than one second screen bonus too. They usually tie in with various elements of the theme, which makes them more appealing and brings different characters into play as well.

More variety keeps you playing for longer

Have you ever played a slot game and become bored with progress after a short while? Slots with few if any bonuses tend to give you this feeling. You might get a wild icon and possibly a scatter, but if the only bonus option you get is to try and win a few free spins occasionally, you might find the game repetitive after a while.

That's not the case when you've got lots of bonuses to try and trigger. There are games with three or more bonuses that have way more appeal and are great to play over the long term.

Other elements are important too though

With all this talk of bonuses, it would be easy to think there was nothing else to enjoy in a slot games with bonuses included. But we do like to see high-quality graphics as well, not to mention a good theme. If the mix is right, it helps any game with bonuses elevate itself to even greater success.

The more effort goes into the creation of a slot game with bonuses, the better the eventual result tends to be. If you want to try some good slots with multiple bonus elements involved, start by looking through the Betsoft collection. They have created lots of entertaining games that tick all the boxes we have covered above. Will there be a favorite game or two for you among their collection?