How Do Scatters Work In Slot Games?

Have you played a slot game with a scatter symbol involved before? If you have, you probably know how they work. If not, this is your guide to finding out more about them. We’ve got all the details you need, so strap yourself in and get ready for a lesson in scatters.

How can you win prizes with a scatter symbol?

The scatter will be displayed on the paytable, so you know which symbol to look for. You might get one with a label on it, which makes it easier to spot. Others aren’t labeled, hence why checking the paytable is a good idea.

Scatters pay prizes for getting a certain number anywhere on the reels of the game. Some games pay for just two of them, whereas most other prizes will require three. You can also win for the relevant number of scatters anywhere. They do not all need to appear consecutively on a payline from left to right to count.

Some scatters will trigger free spins too

This is a common feature. You normally need three or more to unlock free spins. You may win a set amount, i.e. 10 free spins, or you could get more if you find more scatters. In that case, you could win 20 or 30 free games for four or five of the scatters appearing anywhere. You will get your scatter coin prize as well.

Scatters tend to appear in video slot games

If you check out a selection of video slots, chances are you will find scatters in most of them. Not all of them include them, just as some don’t have wild symbols either. But for the most part they’re there.

Smaller three-reel games never include scatters because there isn’t room for them to appear. This means you should stick to the five-reel games to find them included in play.

Big multipliers exist for five-of-a-kind scatter prizes

It’s worth mentioning this in passing, because while you can get nice prizes for two or three scatters, the prize for five appearing anywhere is usually quite good. We’ve seen some slots offering up to 500x your bet for the scatter win when five are discovered in a spin.

You can see there is plenty to look forward to when you play these slot games. With lots of slots featuring the scatter symbol, you shouldn’t need to look for long before you find one you like.