Jurassic Park Slots

Everyone remembers the movie – in fact it was more an event than just a movie. Now you can take things to the next level and play Jurassic Park slots as well. Let’s check out what you can expect to unlock with this game.

Does this slot have lots of reels and paylines?

It does indeed – more than you might think in fact. There are five reels here and all the symbols appear as circles on a slowly-moving background. What’s more you also have 243 ways you can win with the game, so this unlocks plenty of opportunities to bag some great prizes.

What size wagers can you place?

There are plenty of options for you here. For example you can bet $1.50 at the very minimum, although this does involve you betting on all the lines. You don’t have a choice in terms of which lines you can wager on. The biggest bet is $15, so this is a game you need a reasonable budget to play, even on the smallest bet amount.

How many special symbols are in play?

You’ll see the Jurassic Park red symbol in play occasionally, which is a wild symbol. If a T-Rex alert is triggered you’ll get more wilds. All the main characters appear on the reels and you need three or more on a payline to win with one. The same applies to the various dinosaurs. Watch out for the amber too, since three or more will also bring plenty of free spins.

Does Jurassic Park slots come with a bonus game?

Yes it does of sorts – there are lots of free spin games around to look out for, each one attached to a different dinosaur. The T-Rex sighting is the one to look for though, since this brings up lots of additional wild symbols while you play – and that means a much bigger chance of bagging some great wins.

Download and be brave enough to play Jurassic Park slots now!

If you loved the original movie you’ll certainly be delighted with how the game is designed. There are small cut scenes from the movie and every now and then you might see a dinosaur wandering around in the background. There is plenty to enjoy with this game and you can look forward to trying for five of a kind, free spins and much more besides. So – are you game to enter Jurassic Park?