Batman Slots

Many people have fond memories of the first DC Comic characters Batman that superhero without super powers like superman, even today Batman is a popular character with young and old, from a comic to movies and now we have Batman Slots to continue entertaining you. This is a five reel and 50 paylines that will really keep you busy plus an interesting bonus game to boot. The graphics are a combination of hand-drawn animations and some excellent graphic designs, this slots game has all the action between villains and our superhero, it's sure to keep you glued to that hot seat. Download and play Batman Slots now!

The play of the game

The game-play is wide and varied from as low as one penny to $20 with one coin per payline and as you have 50 paylines it can mount up to an impressive amount of cash. For the high roller the max bet can be $20 x one x fifty paylines that equals $1000! But you need not bet that high, you can still win with lower coin denomination per payline.

The action is riveting

The action of this impressive slots game is view as if you are batman himself. Your view is of DC's universe famed Gotham City, the images on the reels are quite impressive they're vivid and alive and you will see all the favorite characters of the Batman theme. The game starts with a lovely video of our superhero in pursuit of his arch-nemesis, that indomitable character The Joker. The other lively characters are Commissioner Gorden, the sympathetic police chief, who embraces Batman's cause, and he is also the father of that other character BatGirl. To transport Batman there is the Batmobile and the BatBike. The game is interactive with wonderful graphics which will keep those eyes glued to see the outcomes.

Wilds & scatters keep the winnings coming

Your wild symbol is the Batman, a very helpful icon that turns non winning lines into winners which pays cash into your account, and if you activate the bonus bet you get more batman symbols on the reels and that translates to more wins.

The Bat is your scatter symbol with three or more of those when you are playing the bonus bet feature it will trigger the Decent into Madness bonus part of the game. The scatter prizes are multiplied by fifty when you have the bonus bet activated. However, if you get the scatters out of the bonus bet feature the payouts are based on the regular paytable rates.

That jokey jackpot and spins and bonus games

The villain the leering Joker is the jackpot symbol, get five of those in one row and it will bring you're the big jackpot prize in this game.

The Batman 're-spin' feature has two ways it can be triggered. That good fella Commissioner Gordon on reel one will set it off or if you get the Batsignal symbol on the fifth reel, this can also be triggered if they are reversed, once all the wins are paid then reels two, three or four will expand.

The expansion works like this: the expanded reel will be held in place and the rest of the reels will spin three times, this gives three additional chances to win more prizes. Wins that are won on these re-spins will be double in value. Plus if you get a repeat commissioner Gordon and the Batsignal on the first and 5th reel that Batman re-spin feature is triggered again with more chances of winning.

When you have triggered the "Decent into madness" bonus game by getting three or more of those scatter symbols, when they are shown on the reels from the left side to the right side, here is where you really get a chance to play Batman! Using the Batarang you will throw it to knock down some of the villains triggering wins or prizes while you are playing.

The aim of this part of the game is to attempt to 'trap the Joker" who is Batman's arch-nemeses; a success in capture will win you one hundred times your bet. Failure to successfully trap him, all is not lost, you still get a chance to 'stop' him. If you succeed here you still get a further opportunity for 100 times your bet so it a double chance to win nice money. Play Batman Slots today, great fun and lots of action with terrific prizes.