Why Are The Classic Batman Slots So Popular?

Holy slot games, Batman Slots! If you recall the Sixties TV show based on Batman and Robin, you’ll recognize the opening statement in this article. The program was filled with sayings like these, although I doubt they mentioned slot games. They probably never imagined there would one day be a collection of slots based on this very show. And yet the Batman series of slots from Playtech has revealed a huge audience that loves these games. But why are they so popular? Let’s find out.

They present a look at the original Sixties TV show everyone loved

The series was a monster hit then and it is still very popular now. Even if you are too young to remember it, you’ll probably have heard of it or seen clips from the show. It’s very different to the Batman we’ve seen in the movies, but that is no bad thing.

The cartoon look of the live-action series is easy to replicate on the reels

You will see images of the main actors who appeared in the show. These include Adam West and Burt Ward as Batman and Robin. The original show had a cartoon, larger-than-life look about it, and was very colorful too. This translates well to the reels, making each game more entertaining to play. You might recall the POW! style cartoon inserts that were on screen every time one of the villains took a hit. That element is replicated in some of the important symbols you will see in each slot as well.

They all feature different approaches and bonuses

Each game is based on one of the other characters in the show. So, you’ve got Batman and Catwoman Cash alongside Batman and the Joker Jewels. This provides inspiration for what is happening in each game. You will also see different reel sets instead of a basic 5 x 3 format in each game. There are numerous bonuses too, so if you want some variation, you can happily play your way through all the slots in the Playtech Batman slot game series. There isn’t one that is dull or basic, since they’ve been designed with great care and thought. That’s great if you want to play all the slots in a series as appealing as this one. Will you get some assistance from Batman and his friends when trying to win some great prizes?