Three Ways To Play Games At An Online Casino
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If you decide to join an online casino, you will now have more options than ever for how to access the content they provide. Not all casinos offer all three of the methods listed below, but most of them will offer at least two of them. The last one we’ve listed is perhaps most important of all. However, the first two will probably be the most familiar to you.

How would you choose to play your favorite slots and casino games if you got the chance?


Many casinos offer their complete lobby via a download. You will be prompted to click on a download button to download the software onto your computer. You will then go through the installation process (usually very easy) and you can access the casino whenever you like via that software.

One advantage of the software version is that you get access to all the games. That isn’t always true of the second option we’ve listed below. One downside, however, is that you can only access the casino lobby via the computer you downloaded it onto.

Instant play

Some people don’t like downloading anything from the internet. That’s fair enough, and if you’re in that group you can opt for a casino that offers instant play games instead. These games are designed to play in your chosen browser (although some work best on a specific browser, so always check the recommendations).

Instant play games are easy to access and load without hassle. You can even sometimes play them in practice mode without logging into a casino account. that gives you the chance to check out a game before playing it with real bets in place.


Mobile sites are becoming more important than ever. Google knows many more people are searching for sites and information on their mobile devices. That’s why they are introducing mobile-friendly search.

What does that mean for you as a casino player? It means you can expect more casinos to be releasing mobile-friendly websites or overhauling their current offering, so it’s easy to use. Some casinos go for the app option rather than focusing on providing a fully-fledged mobile casino. However, their website should still be mobile-friendly to suit the needs of the search engines.

So, how do you like to play? Whatever the answer, you can see your choices are greater than ever before.