5Dimes Bet Tracker App

5Dimes has teamed up with Action Network to bring you a fantastic BetTracker pro App. It allows you to keep track of every bet and fixture and is on offer with a three month trial period so you can try it out. The exclusive promotion is only available for a limited time, so don’t delay in deciding. It takes online and mobile betting to a whole new place. Never before has so much control been in punter’s hands to enable them to make better wagering decisions. This exceptional service makes betting more exciting and better informed. The magic of BetTracker provides all the info you need with the click of a button. It is the premier, leading app that is available for iOS and Android mobile device, being also fully compatible with their respective operating systems. It allows you to track results, fixtures, probabilities, betting statistics and the hottest picks. All your bets can be monitored and kept for your reference. You may want to regulate future chances with the info provided by the exceptional 5Dimes BetTracker App. You can even check out and access straights, parlays and teasers using your mobile device, on the go with your BetTracker Pro App. Using a tablet or smartphone is a superb way of accessing BetTracker, even if you are at the football stadium watching your favourite team, you can track everything from everywhere! Pairing your 5Dimes account with the exciting BetTracker App gives you the edge and keeps you fully informed in real time. All your bets will start to appear on the My Action tab. Privacy issues are of paramount importance, so the inbuilt security features of the App mean you private and confidential data remains secure and safe and no personal information is shared. Your score will change with every big play and turnover, and your score exposure varies. The BetTracker App will keep you alerted in real time of any exposure changes so that you can make more informed wagers with better chances of winning. Information is power, and you have access to all the most popular types of bets, including Spreads, Moneylines, Over Under bets Parlays and Teasers as well. Keeping an eye on all your betting action makes things a lot easier for you. The organised structure and layout on the BetTracker App make it a real pleasure to use and it a lot of fun as well! Other Features the App sports include Real-time, win or loss probabilities during each and event game. The exposure alerts are up to the nearest minute to provide the most current and valuable information to base your future bets on. All the major sporting event schedules are included along with real-time games and players’ stats. You can analyse the games’ odds history. It is really straightforward and easy to sync your 5Dimes account with the new BetTracker App. All you will really need to do is to download and instal the action network App. After you have installed the BetTracker App, you will then be prompted to create your Action Network account. Once this is done, you might not automatically see the option to sync your 5Dimes account, in that case, visit the My Action page. You will find the link to the My Action page on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. You will then easily be able to sync your sportsbook using that button. You will need to click on 5Dimes to begin the process of syncing. Finally, you will be taken to the specific 5Dimes.eu login page. Just enter your unique 5Dimes account information to complete the syncing process. The syncing is affected by connecting your 5Dimes account with the Action Network app by using the Bet Sync feature. All the bets you affect on 5Dimes will automatically be synced to your My Action tab which is located within the Action Network app. You can only track your bets and cannot place the bets themselves from The Action Network App. You can also unlink your 5Dimes account with the BetTracker App. This can quickly be done by visiting the app Settings and the Bet Sync page. You do not need a subscription to use the BetTracker App, and it is a free feature that you get when you download the Action Network App. Passwords are never stored, and value your privacy, trust and security is respected at all times. During the authentication, Bet Sync will only sync your personal bets, and the account balance or bank info are never accessed. 5Dimes has proved time and again that they take punters seriously and provide the best technological advances and unique features not generally found with other bookmakers. This time, with the beautiful BetTracker, you come first and foremost! Hop over to 5Dimes and download your free BetTracker App, now!