Why Do Software Developers Release Slot Sequels?

We’ve got three answers to that question…

They provide a great way to capitalize on games that have already proven popular

Think about it – if you have released a slot that was a huge success, you’d want to ride that wave of success for as long as you could, right? So, the natural thing would be to develop a sequel that had all the best bits of the original slot, while still giving the player some new elements to enjoy. A slot sequel is not guaranteed to be as big a hit as the original game that inspired it, but it certainly sets you off in the right direction.

They know they will appeal to a guaranteed audience

If a slot has been enough of a success to spawn a sequel, you know that game will have a captive audience. That means you will get the chance to appeal to that same audience once again.

Slot developers do their research to come up with great titles, themes, and features for new games. Yet with slot game sequels, they get the chance to tap into an audience that is already there. It’s been proven to be there thanks to the success of the original game. What better place to start from when you’re looking to repeat that success?

They provide a sense of familiarity for the slot player

From our point of view, we always get excited when we see a sequel to a slot game we already love. We have a sense of what to expect. Sometimes, the same characters will appear. At other times, the same features may be there, but they’ve been given a tweak.

A great example is the Cash Bandits slot game, which spawned the Cash Bandits 2 sequel. The simple title means players will recognize it, and the popular bonus that allows you to try and win huge amounts of free spins with big multipliers is still there.

Slot sequels are great to find when you have the chance. If you enjoyed an original slot, finding a sequel usually means you can look forward to a great experience once again with the new one. Some sequels may not hit the mark, but you have a chance to enjoy a game you already know something about whenever one is released. And since most software developers have a sequel or two hidden in their collections, you won’t have far to go to find them.