Increasing Your Winning Odds at Slot Games

A lot of people, heading into an online casino, avoid the slot games. They feel that these games never win, and that that promised jackpot bonanzas are just a phantom. While it's true that the odds of winning big on a slot machine, on or offline, are long, there are things that individual players can do to increase their chances of winning.

Slot Odds are Not As Bad As their Reputation

The first thing, is to understand the slot machine's game. Slots are programmed to pay out a certain percentage of money they take in. What this means for the player is that, if you put in 1 dollar, you are almost guaranteed to get back about 90 cents. Of course, this payout is averaged over all players and all deposits to the machine, so you may lose your dollar quickly or win 50 or more on the first few spins. The average, however, will hold. So as you see, slot odds are not as bad as their reputation.

The second thing to remember is that casino slot machines can't have odds that are too bad. People have to win, or else they'll eventually stop playing. With these two facts in mind, what can you do?

And finally, you are the one in control. You define the pace of your game. Let's take any casino slot game, say Cupids Arrow. You may bet one one spin $2 or $200. Did you get the point?

How to Increase the Odds on the Slot Machine

If you really want to increase the odds on the slot machine paying out to you, make sure that you avoid the progressive games. Yes, these games offer the really huge jackpots, but they also keep a larger percentage of what they take in. This makes the odds of winning a progressive less than the odds of winning a regular game. Some players get a thrill from the longer odds and the larger winning potential, however, and for them the progressive games are a good choice. If you are such player, try to play the best progressive slots: Mega Money Mine Slots, Pay Dirt Slots and Win Place or Show Slots.

For other players, who are more interested in just playing the game and maybe winning a bit, the standard slots are fine. Each game will give its maximum payout in the paytable. It's important to remember that this payout is given in number of coins, so if you're playing for pennies you win less than if you're playing for dollars.

Increase Your Winning Odds at Top 10 Slots Games

On any slot machine, winning odds can be maximized with a few simple steps: make a 'game budget,' and stick to it. Don't deposit more than your budget. If you can afford to lose $100 dollars, then don't deposit more than that, and once it's gone, quit. Play on a new deposit each day. This way you can easily follow how much you are winning and losing at the slots. And finally, don't chase a loss. If you find that you're losing a lot, switch games, or even stop for the day. Never say you'll 'win it back on the next spin,' because the odds are against you. Follow these rules, and you'll find that online slot games are fun, and can even be profitable.

Where Players Can Increase their Chances of Winning

You can play slots and to increase your winning odds at many online casinos, but there are some casinos we want to mention here. The reason is the great service you deserve!

Now you know how to increase chances of winning at slots. Download, play and win!