Keno Strategies

Now it’s time to know how much a player can win from playing Keno. Hit as many spots as possible and the amount to be won goes higher. It depends on the following: the number of spots selected and whether they hit or not. For example, if a player chose a single spot and it hit, player wins thrice the bet amount. If six numbers were selected and two were hits, player gets even money. Hitting four of six numbers will win the player three times as much as the bet amount. Hit all six and the stakes go higher to 75 times the bet. Simply look at the payout table shown on the computer screen to find out how it works. The highest payout possible is good for 15 hits of 15 spots. This corresponds to 10,000 times the bet amount.

Keno is one game no player can resist. There will always be that spark of hope that somehow, a player can get lucky if they try hard enough. Take a stab at it and your lucky day might just be today. You can play Keno right you want to deal with serious brands such as Liberty Slots Casino .