Playing Roulette

Roulette is one of simplest and most enjoyable online casino games. This table game comes in two versions, the European and the American version. You’d be amazed at how real the online casino’s virtual roulette tables are. The graphics are exceptional. It is like actually playing in a real Roulette table. US players will find Bovada Casino, Casino Titan, Casino Win Palace, Planet 7 Casino, Silver Oak Casino, Slot Madness Casino and Sun Palace Casino to be particularly welcoming, but no matter where you play, Roulette is sure to provide great entertainment.

Playing Roulette Online

The Roulette table is made up of a wheel, a table with boxes drawn on them, and a ball. The game starts with the player placing his bet. A player can place a $1, $5, $25 and $100 bet. The player can also combine these chips when he places his bet. He would then press the button initiating the game to start. The ball is then released and would start spinning on the wheel. Once the wheel stops spinning, the player wins if the ball lands on the number corresponding to his bet.

You would find European and American Roulette tables in online casinos. These two tables are pretty similar. The differences lie on the table numbers and the type of bets that players can place. An American Roulette table has both 0 and 00 while a European Roulette only has a single 0. In an online casino, you can place a maximum inside and outside bets of $500. Try your luck at new online Roulette game Premier Roulette.

Playing Roulette with Strategy

There are a lot of Roulette strategies in the Internet. Can you rely on them? Roulette is fun especially with today’s casino software. You can win a lot of money. However, if you would like to win, you should first start learning the basics. Learn the rules and the odds so you would know what to expect. Each spin of the Roulette wheel is independent, so you can win every time the wheel turns. If you want to have the odds in your favor, you should start playing with the European Roulette. The game is quite simple and the house edge is pretty small. So, you have better chances of winning more than you would if you play with the American Roulette. A famous advice to Roulette players is to bet on the black or red. The odds on these bets are pretty low so you have around 45% chance of winning. Chances are you would hardly touch your bankroll with these odds.