Will Playing The Slots Quicker Improve Your Odds Of Winning?

How do you play on a slots machine? Are you tempted to play faster when playing games like paradise slots because you think you’ll win more often if you do?

If you are thinking along those lines keep reading. You might be in for a surprise.

Why speed doesn’t matter

The main thing to remember about online Slot Machines is that they are all run using RNG technology. RNG stands for random number generator. This means that winning lines are generated at random.

Let’s say you are playing crazy slots and the game returns a winning line for every ten lines played (just for example – it could be very different to this). You might assume that you will win a prize for every ten times you play.

But this isn’t necessarily the case. You could play thirty lines and not win a bean until the last one. There is no way of telling. The number of wins are not averaged out – they just pop up randomly over time. This means you can’t play faster to get more payouts – it all depends on when the RNG returns the winning lines.

How are payouts calculated for slot machines online?

Most machines have a payout level in the 95% or above level. This means that for example for every dollar bet on a machine, ninety five cents is paid back to players.

This is good news because you can be assured that you’ll get winning lines on a fairly regular basis. It is also good news if you like playing No Deposit Slots Tournaments because lots of people like playing these. This leads to bigger jackpots and amounts of money to return to the players.

Remember – the odds always remain the same

Your odds of winning determine how likely you are to win a particular slots game when you spin the reels. Let’s say your odds are one in three, just for example.

If you decide to play the game twice as fast as you would normally, your odds of winning will still be one in three. You’ll get to win prizes more frequently simply because you are playing more quickly - but the actual odds don’t change at all.

Do you see how this works? You’re better off enjoying your game play and making your budget last instead of racing through it to try and get more prizes when it doesn’t make a difference at all.