Video Poker Gambling

Video Poker is the ultimate online game for people who love the thrill of gambling mixed with skill and the chance to win stupendous amounts of money. Back in the 70's when Video Poker first took off, no one realized what a gem of a game it was going to be and how many different versions you can find today with more and more versions and variations added on a regular basis.

Easy to Understand Game

The concept of Video Poker is very simple and can be learnt in no time at all. The basic game takes place with 5 cards, the player receives five cards on his screen and then he can choose which cards he wants to keep and which cards he wants to discard in the hope that he will receive better cards when they are dealt again. The end result is based on original poker hands and the higher the hand of cards the higher the win. Bets are placed at the beginning of the game and cannot be added to during each round. When a new round begins, new bets and new cards are drawn and all old cards are discarded.

Original Poker Hand Wins

The hands of cards that determine the win are based on the original Poker hands and vary from the top hand which is of course the Royal or Natural Flush to four of a kind, a full house, a flush, a straight, three of a kind, two pairs and Jacks of Better. There are many different variations of Video Poker which can be played and these variations can be found at different casinos. The most popular is Jacks or Better which is based around the basic game; there is Deuces Wild where the two is a wild card, bonus Video Poker games where a bonus is paid out when a certain hand is achieved and so on. The amount that you can win is detailed at the side of the game and is usually detailed in terms of coins. In many Video Poker games : Aces and Faces , Deuces and Joker , Double Joker , Joker Poker you can place more than one coin bet per game, in some as much as 5 coins per hand. The size of each coin varies from game to game and can be as high as $10 for some games or even more if you are playing a high rolling game.

Many Hands Bring More Potential Wins

Multi-hand Video Poker is a very popular choice for many online video Poker players as you get to play more than one hand of Poker at a time. Some games offer 4 hands at once whereas others offer up to 100 video poker hands at once. When betting on these games you need to understand that your bet is split between all of the hands that you are holding. For example if you are playing a game with 10 poker hands and you bet $10, then $1 goes to each hand and the winnings for that hand will correspond to the $1 bet only. You can choose to play Video Poker for fun before you place real money bets to get the hang of the game but of course playing for fun does not bring in real money wins.

Join a Progressive Game for Extra Jackpot Chances

There are also some progressive video Poker games which are played in much the same way as the standard video poker games but also have a progressive jackpot which can be won when a royal flush or better is achieved. The different variations of Video Poker that can be played are endless and the enjoyment factor is just as endless, from a simple hand of cards you can win enormous amounts of money and benefit from a great game of fun and excitement, all from the comfort of your own home.