Aces and Faces Video Poker

Are you ready to test your knowledge of poker hands and your card counting skills? Playing Aces and Faces video poker is so easy that it’s almost a no-brainier for you to win! Before to start you need to choose online casino with the best game promotions. We recommend to play Aces and Faces Video Poker at: Liberty Slots Casino.

Aces and Faces Video Poker Plain and Simple

This adaptation of the original table poker game doesn’t waste your time and patience with fancy graphics or flashy displays. The main playing screen shows you just the information you need to play and win – your current hand, your current balance, your wins and the payout table. Even the mechanics doesn’t include anything fancy. The Aces and Faces video poker game doesn’t have extras like multipliers or wild cards; it’s all just straightforward video poker.

Because of its payout rate of over 97%, Aces and Faces video poker allows you to enjoy a payout rate higher than that of regular poker and, indeed, even many other video poker games. With such numbers, Aces and Faces video poker is the kind of game where you’ll really win big, even if you didn’t mean to in the first place!

Hold Aces and Faces

The Aces and Faces video poker game, as its name would imply, places great importance on your getting combinations of all Aces or all face cards. However, the game isn’t just about getting four aces or four of a face card; the other hands of poker are also available for you to get. Because it’s likelier that those other hands will appear more often, they’ll be the ones who’ll be more profitable for you at the end of the day.

At the start of every round, the game deals you five cards. If you spot winning combination's out of those five cards or if you think that a winning hand can be made from what you’ve got, you can hold on to the cards which you think are important. Once you select the cards to hold, you discard the other cards and then draw to complete the five cards once more. The computer then checks for any combination's that you were able to complete and pays you accordingly.

The Aces and Faces game also has a Double feature that’ll let you make each hand even more profitable. If, at the end of one round, you managed to complete a winning combination and are supposed to win a certain amount, you can wager that amount to win double that. If you decide to wager, the computer (the ‘dealer’) shows you a card and you’re made to choose one card from four face down cards. If you pick a card that’s equal to that of the computer’s, you get your wager back. If you get a lower card, you lose your wager. If, however, you get a higher value, you get double your prize, no matter how big it is!