Many people have documented the fraudulent behavior of many online casinos. This has by a large marred the reputation of the online casinos and made many people wary of experiencing the real world virtually. The most common cases are refusal in payment and cheating software with payouts that are rigged. Rogue Casinos is one such group of casinos, which have such a reputation and are banned by online casino player communities.

Refusal to pay

One frequently reported activity associated to denial to pay withdrawals is the refusal to pay punctually. Many rogue casinos try not to pay their clients by using unjust conditions in their house rules. Other rogue casinos may deliberately holdup the payout in hopes that the player shall carry on gambling with the money that is in the account and lose it all to the house again.

Cheating software

Payout problems are more common than the cheating software. Games like Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat, Video slots, Classic slots and roulette involve huge payouts and thus invite greater frauds. Some software has been proven to cheat using mathematics. The examples of such software are Elka System, Casino Bar and Oyster Gaming. There are proves that the numbers that come up during betting are often controlled by a back office personnel. Many such websites and software are blacklisted by the online gambling communities.

Top 7 Online casinos, recommended by players

It is often recommended to the players to check the background of the websites and software before investing money into them. Online casinos can be highly profitable but might even lead to drastic results if one is not careful enough. People often fall into such traps and regret later.

There are a number of excellent online casinos available today, and picking out the best ones could be challenging. These are 7 of the top recommended sites by players:

They have excellent Customer and Technical Support as well as incentives that await players.

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