Play Video Poker

Video Poker is a direct relation of Poker and can also be considered a relation of slots. Together they have made video Poker which is one of the most popular online casino games today.

Video Poker Games for US Players and Winning Hands Opportunities

Video Poker games can be found at every online casino especially the unique and rewarding casinos that accept US players such as Liberty Slots casino and Bovada Casino. Video Poker games are wide and varied but they all descend from the original 5 card draw game of poker where 5 cards are dealt and based on the hand that you have you can choose to hold some cards or discard all of them to draw a new hand. Your status and hence wins are based on the final hand of cards that you hold. The winning hands are all based on Poker hands with the Royal Flush being the top hand, followed by a straight flush, four of a kind, Full house, a straight, a flush, three of a kind, two pairs and Jacks or better.

Variations on the Video Poker Theme

Video Poker has many variations to add to the interest that is drawn to the game. At casinos that accept US players such as Bovada Casinoyou can find constantly updated and new games to enjoy. 4 Hand Coliseum is a brand new video poker game at Bovada that offers 4 Poker hands. The game starts with just one hand and from that hand you can choose which cards you want to hold, if any at all. In the second round all four hands are drawn and your winnings determined. When playing video poker it is always best to place maximum bets in order to gain maximum wins but that does not mean that you have to use the highest coin size. Placing bets at a casino like Bovada that welcomes US players is simple and easy and you can choose one of the many online payment methods that are secure. As a new player to Bovada casino you can enjoy the 10% cash back bonus for new players in addition to many other promotions.

Clear Graphics and Easy Payment Options for US Players

Liberty Slots Casino, another leading casino that welcomes US players has a wide range of Video poker games to choose from the standard Joker Poker and bonus Joker Poker games to the more intense and multi-hand games. Liberty slots has a great sign up bonus offer which is easy to follow and lasts for the first 15 deposits, the screen is clear and graphics are rich with all of the potential winning opportunities clearly depicted. Playing video poker is a gift from the casinos, it is quick and easy to grasp and has some fantastic potential winning opportunities.