5G Technology and Mobile Instant Play

Online casinos have always been right at the forefront of technology, adapting and changing to make the experience better and better for players. The internet is central to online gaming providing easy access to players. Graphics and gameplay have been improving continually to serve up an atmospheric and engaging online gaming experience. Instant Play is another development that has developed in leaps and bounds. There is no need to download cumbersome software anymore, and the most convenient way to play is to use Flash technology-enabled Instant Play mode directly in a browser. This also serves to free up space on your PC, or mobile device and just click on the game and play. Mobile gaming is another area that has improved beyond recognition of a few years ago. Mobile games have much-improved graphics compared to just a few years ago, and mobile gaming has overtaken desktop.

New Technology - Mobile Instant Play

5G technology is about to change the landscape once again and introduce exciting new changes that will improve the online gaming experience even more. 5G will revolutionise gaming again and provide new and exciting features. As online casinos get better and more advanced, players can expect better speed and improved quality of visuals and graphics. Speed is crucial as players hate to wait for slow games to load up.

5G in 2019

5G technology will be widely available in 2019, or 2024 at the latest. Canada seems to be the hotbed for 5G with indications it will take off there and subsequently spread to other countries. China is another country that has been experimenting with the more advanced 5G technology, but wherever it originates, it will take the online gaming industry by Storm and spread like fire. Speed is everything, and 5G will be 20 times faster than 4G technology so we can expect speed to make all forms of communication online much faster. 5G technology will also lead to improvements in other areas of technology, of course, yet the online gaming industry is set to change dramatically, and 5G will be the catalyst for change. Transferring large amounts of data will no longer be a lengthy and costly process. This development is just as crucial as self-driving cars, A.I. and smart technology.

Mobile Gaming & Speed

We can already do almost everything with a smartphone, but a faster connection speed opens up new avenues and doors previously closed. Our smartphones and tablets will be transformed into even more potent tools of communication with the ability to connect much faster with 5G technology. The ramifications for online gaming are immense. More data can be transferred quicker and more cheaply which means online casino games can get more advanced and complex without slowing down the loading speed. Existing slots will be faster, and new releases will be more sophisticated and detailed improving the online gaming experience considerably. The overall difference is like chalk and cheese and players will really feel a difference when playing a modern slot game at an online casino. Game developers will also take note and improve the overall quality of their games to take 5G into consideration. Mobile gaming will become even faster and more enjoyable.

Mobile Live Dealer Casino

The live dealer casino experience is already superb, yet it is set to get even better! 5G will improve the overall quality and speed of access to the live table games. The genre already creates an innovative and immersive atmosphere, and it is set to grow beyond recognition. The realism and excitement of playing these live table games will improve in leaps and bounds to serve up a truly fantastic experience even closer to that of a land casino. Since the genre is essentially live, it requires massive amounts of data to come across realistically. Mobile live casino games will get better and faster so players will be able to get the most out of them. Up until now, players have been lukewarm about betting at live dealer casinos on a mobile device, but 5G will transform the medium into a faster and better gaming experience. It will be just as pleasurable, if not even better than a land casino experience. Players who appreciate a land casino will be drawn to mobile live casino games once they reach the high standards of land casinos, especially regarding the speed of access to the games.

What can we expect in the near future?

Online gaming is often a lonely pass-time, which is the main difference between land casinos and their online counterparts. The live dealer casino bucks this trend by creating a social environment for players which recreates the immersive experience of a land casino. 5G technology will transform the way we communicate with others around the world and has the power to unite people more than ever before. As electricity transformed life, so too will 5G technology. Online casino players can expect a vastly improved and speedier gaming experience, which will enhance the pleasure of online gaming. 5G technology requires new and shorter communication towers, and will, therefore, start to roll out in larger cities and towns. But it will be no time until it is available to the masses. The way online casino games are played is set to change online casinos forever, and if you are a player, you are in for a real treat and a taste of the future. Expect the unexpected.