How To Play Roulette for Real Money

The sound of the spinning ball spinning on the roulette wheel and the tension in the air. The roulette wheel continues to spin and bounce. Finally, it lands on your number and color, and you win the roulette game. There is nothing quite like playing the game of Roulette online. Here at, we bring you the pick of the best offering, the entertaining game of online Roulette. Our seal of approval means they have been tested and tried extensively to bring you only the best. Blaise Pascal, a French scientist, was the first roulette wheel and the first recorded use of a proper roulette table, a revolution, and a ball was in 172,0. Later, in the 1800s, the Europeans brought Roulette to America, and its popularity grew there. However, Roulette is more prevalent in Europe, probably due to the better odds offered at casinos. For Roulette fans, casinos in Europe offer online Roulette with European odds to players from all over the world, so it is no more extended restrictions for players.

Technology Behind the Roulette Wheel

As used in land-based casinos, physical roulette wheels use a similar model, yet many different designs. Online Roulette works with a unique RNG and a mathematical algorithm behind it. The game board adjacent to the wheel indicates the types of bets available, and Random Number Generators play an integral part in online Roulette. Moreover, online sites' latest technology recreates where the ball falls at random on the wheel. The technology replicates the endless permeations, the randomness and speed of the spin, the angle, and other crucial factors from a physical casino experience.

American & European Roulette

The main difference between the American and European Roulette games is down to a single zero. The American version adds a zero to the 37 numbers and slots of European Roulette, which increases the house chance to over 5% compared to under 3% for European casinos. What are the rules of playing Roulette online? No one can teach you how to play Roulette unless you want to learn yourself. The objective is simple enough; to accurately predict which slot the ball falls into after the wheel spins and the bet placed. Just like it is the land-based counterpart, online Roulette is played around the roulette table with the wheel at one end and the board at the other. There are 37 or 38 slots/numbers, depending on the version.

The roulette game takes place around a roulette table and the wheel. There are 37 or 38 slots on the roulette wheel, depending on which version (European or American) you play. The numbers on the roulette wheel alternate between pairs of odd numbers, couples of even numbers, and black or red slots, and the zero is in green. The actual table and board area have all the digits arranged in three columns of twelve numbers each. The first row across displays 1, 2, and 3, while the second row 4, 5, 6, etc. This board is where the players place their bets by placing chips either on the numbers or around them, and the wagering options are vast.

How to Play Online Roulette

Online Roulette takes place around a virtual roulette table like the land-based experience. The wheel is at one end, the board at the other. A significant difference is online Roulette uses RNGs, like mos games, and unique algorithms work to generate random numbers for every spin and define how the ball rotates. Online players can see a wheel on screen, with a visual representation of the entire process, as determined by its specific algorithm. Casino roulette offers an impressively broad range of betting options. With the game of Roulette, one can choose to bet precisely on a number, on two numbers, on a row of three digits, or at the corner of four. These are Inside and Outside Bets.

The odds center around these bets as winning on a whole number pays out 35 times your stake. Betting on pairs of numbers pays out 17 to 1. A row of three numbers will pay you 11 to 1, and a corner bet covering four digits pays out 8 to 1. Players are not limited to one chance but can make multiple bets on any combinations or numbers they choose, but some limitations vary from one casino to another. You can even choose to bet on any given dozen numbers to hit on the next spin with a 2 to 1 payout. Players may bet on the next spin resulting in an odd or even number or color (red/black) with even odds paid out. In a nutshell, that's how to play Roulette.

It would help if you placed bets according to the minimum and maximum bets at the roulette table. With Inside Bets, the total player's wager needs to equal the table minimum. On the other hand, Outside Bets need to be for at least the minimum betting amount. An efficient and straightforward roulette strategy centers around the Calculus of Probability. Every number has the same chance if the wheel spins enough times. By rotating the roulette wheel 37 times, you place bets on the 13 numbers that didn't come up on the next 37 spins. The process repeats, and the chance doubled on the figures that did not come up on the previous turn. The 37 numbers on the roulette wheel will eventually come out almost equal times in long-term playing.

Roulette Strategies

Another tool at your disposal and an equally effective roulette strategic approach are adopting the Martingale strategy. It is beneficial for newcomers to the game of Roulette as it has a simple plan that involves accumulating several minor wins with minimal risk of losing your entire bankroll. It bases on playing even money bets and doubling after losses, which you do by betting only on even-money wagers like red/black or odd/even numbers. You then double your bet after every loss. There are several strategies you can employ playing Roulette. The most effective ones increase your chances of winning if you use them carefully. All roulette strategies require patience and discipline. Mathematical statistics work best over time, and likewise for Roulette. It would be best if you had the patience to wager diligently and wait for the right moment to move in for a killing. Roulette strategies consider several factors.

They include progressions, probabilities, the odds of a losing run, and the mathematical science behind it. The game of Roulette is mathematically perfect; therefore, the house always has the edge. No system guarantees to beat the house edge, yet specific strategies may tip the balance in your favor. Let's have a closer look at two popular and effective roulette strategies here.

Oscar Grind's Strategy

Gamblers on wagers use the Oscar's Grind betting strategy, and the outcome evenly distributes between two results, both equal values. Examples include flipping a coin or placing betting on red or black on the roulette wheel. Oscar's Grind winning Strategy is a positive progression and modern gambling system. The origins of the Oscar Grind system are unclear; however, it first appeared in 1965 by a gambler unsurprisingly named Oscar. The approach is pretty straightforward, and you can wager in cycles, and the objective is to make a single unit profit per cycle. Once you gain a profit, the process stops. It doesn't advocate making more than one unit, and the system bars you from doing so. Here is how the Oscar Grind system operates. You bet 1 unit. If you win, the cycle ends and starts from the very beginning. If you lose, a new process begins. When you lose, you should keep the bet values the same. When you win, you should increase them by one unit unless it would profit the process from exceeding one company. The system advocates raising your wagers when you are winnings to generate an overall profit.

To ensure you don't earn more than one unit during the cycle, you'll have to keep your betting at two. Grinding it out gives rise to confusion when you use the Grind system for the first time. Keep in mind the plan seeks a single unit of profit, not more, and is suitable for small, consistent wins. Slow and steady gains are your key to success using the Oscar Grind gambling system. Don't expect to win large amounts, as it's a systematic process that aims for a steady profit of a unit. Regardless of the conditions, the Oscar Grind system will return a stable profit in an overall winning situation and similar loss positions. The steady nature of the gambling system will appeal to many players, and with all systems, you should set a limit. However, they won't be huge if you use Oscar's Grind betting system. It isn't a quick method of winning, and the system is ideal for medium-risk gamblers, who can take a slight decline in pursuit of a moderate gain.

The Paroli Strategy

The Paroli system requires increasing the bet after a win, which is why it's a positive progression. You continually keep investing your successes after a gamble, so you'll eventually end up winning. To win five bets, you should commence with a $10 stake and win. Now you have $20 to bet, and you can bet all of it and beat the dealer again, a tidy little profit; however, perhaps you think it won't always happen. The system has that covered, and if you use it and lose, you should bet the same next time. Bet $10 and fail, and your next bet will be $10. It couldn't be any easier than that.

Opposite of Martingale

You can expect the opposite of the Martingale system when using the Paroli one. You'll have losing sessions for 75% of the time; however, you won't suffer significant losses. You'll win about 20% of the time. Flexibility is an advantage of the Paroli betting system. The Martingale System has limited actions, so your objective should be to wind up with a single unit win after a finished progression. With the Paroli strategy, you decide what your ultimate goal is. If you're a conservative player, you might be happy with two or three steps before starting over. If you are aggressive, you might want to try winning as much as you can. If you're going to take it to the limit, you should be ready to see a few gaming sessions where you may win occasionally, and then you should be fine.

Mobile Roulette

Due to the convenience it offers, an online casino is a valid alternative. The online Roulette game can be played at one's leisure at home or with a mobile device on the move. These advantages place online casinos in the same league as land-based ones offering casino roulette.

Live Dealer Roulette

Live dealer roulette has become trendy and in-demand in recent years due to its realistic gameplay. You can interact with the croupiers and players, and people manually operate the process. Whether live or online Roulette, the complex mechanism behind the roulette game is entirely unbiased, you cannot trick it or cheat it! Live Roulette played online at a roulette casino raises the bar and firmly puts this version of online Roulette up there with the best. The live roulette casino atmosphere offers a genuine roulette experience complete with live interaction with the croupier. You really must try out the unique and irreplaceable online Roulette at one of the casinos below. Remember, all have been checked out and tested. They are reliable. Try one out and enter the world of online Roulette; you will be amazed at the quality and immersive experience.

Online Roulette Bets Types

The most prevalent Roulette games are European, American, and French. The American version of the game has a better house edge of 5% because of the extra zero on the wheel. Many casinos have several roulette varieties, including newer creations like lightning roulette and live dealer casino games. The atmospheric, immersive qualities of Live Roulette are incredible and provide you with a realistic casino experience. There are betting options such as choosing a number, a black or red number, groups of numbers, also high and low betting. There are different probabilities and payouts for every kind of bet, and although the system may seem complicated, it is easy to get used to the betting system.


The notoriety of Roulette at land-based casinos is almost legendary, not least due to the glamour it portrays in movies such as the James Bond series. Online Roulette works much like a real-life game and rates consistently as a top game. Roulette is easy to learn and provides you with hours of entertainment and winning chances. Online casinos are investing heavily in technology that will take Roulette well into the future. Artificial Reality and Augmented Reality technology will soon create unlimited possibilities, recreating a brick-and-mortar experience with technology advancing relentlessly.