Tri Card Poker

Players may hear several names for one table game depending on where that person is coming from. One may hear of Tri Card Poker, Tri Poker or 3 Card Poker when all obviously refers to the same thing. According to stories, it all started with the name 3 Card Poker which became very popular in casinos. In order to avoid royalties, the game was renamed. However way an individual may want to call it, the game arguably remains a favorite among many players.

General Rules

When playing Tri Card Poker a player is offered two games independent of each other which they may opt to play. The two games referred to here are 3 Card Ante and Raise where players will compete with the dealer and Pair Plus which is a bonus game for poker hands of a pair or higher.

The game uses a deck of 52 cards where the dealer distributed in three’s through automated shuffling machine. On the game table are areas which players can click on to indicate what they are betting on. The game will also include information about hand rankings such that straight flush is higher than three of a kind followed by straight, flush, pair and high card. Straight comes higher in ranking simply because of the fewer ways a player can come up with straight than a flush using three cards alone.

Win or Lose

There are instances when a player completely wins. Given a poker hand of three hands is of higher rank than a dealer’s will spell a win for the player obviously. Same also goes if the player makes a raise where the dealer fails to qualify with even a queen if playing anti. Should the player raise with a higher ranked poker hand and dealer qualifies with a queen for a high card, the player still wins. In Pair Plus, player wins if he gets a pair or better.

A lose is inevitable for anti where dealer gets a better poker hand or player folds. Dealer still wins with a raise but his hand still ranks higher than the player’s. In Pair Plus, player loses if no pair comes up after the three cards are dealt.

If you think about it, player collects in general when his poker hand is ranked well higher than the dealer’s. And in Pail Plus, the name of the game is unmistakably pairs. Looks like any player has a good chance so go ahead and play now.