Cubee New Game

There’s a new kid on the block and his name is Cubee! A slot at heart, but it looks nothing like a typical slot machine. Instead of reels and pay lines, the action takes place on-screen without them. Cubee breaks new ground and treads where no slot has been before! The immersive theme is a joy to behold and creates a time-travel adventure like no other. The game does not resemble a traditional slot on any way, and has been designed brilliantly to serve up an alternative way to play slots. No doubt, other game developers will follow suit and copy the inventive and innovative style of Cubee - The Time Travel Adventure!

Described as the strangest slot game around, Cubee serves up a totally unique and innovative slot gaming experience. The essentials are all there to make a slot like no other. This new layout gives you the chance to try out a brand new online casino game. Cubee, The Time Travel Adventure is a brand new release by industry stalwarts Real Time Gaming Asia, and the entertaining theme is just as impressive as the original game structure and layout. If you are tired of the same old 5-reels slot, then Cubee will show you a new way to play, and win big!

The gameplay takes you through time where you eat up powerful energy balls and beat your adversary Rocco to another place, time and age. The games serves up a high volatility time-bending adventure with alien and space-age game symbols that magically appear in the centre of the screen without any reels to support them. There are some creatively designed game symbols including beauties such as a Bones icon, Casper, the power Energy Ball, the prince of darkness Lucifer, and Spike. There is just one coin size, yet the betting reaches respectable heights and limits. The game icons seem perfect for the entertaining theme and create an incredible effect.

Every spin of the game pulls eight floating symbols away from the time vortex, and onto your screen. As they land, they boost your energy levels so you can move on to the next age. Starting out in the Stone Age, the energy you win transports you in time to the Viking Age, which is your next stop through time. While you are there you will pick up Viking weapons like bows and arrows, and they will change into Free Spins. Next up is the Age of Piracy. This exciting level see you collecting multiple cannon, which all come with amazingly valuable multipliers. During the level you will be expected to repeatedly beat all the energy out Rocco, the Cyclops.

If you manage to take the adorable Cubee character back home all the way to Cubeeland, that’s when you cash in big time and all the freebies, Free Spins and bonuses collected on your space and time journey can be redeemed with multipliers to boost your cosmic wins! The betting process is beautifully constructed and of you are daring enough to bet the highest limit, you could win a massive 50,000x your triggering bet per imaginary pay line. The game controls are easily accessible on the screen so you can regulate the bet amounts and customise the gameplay. Cubee is one of the most originally styled and designed slot games in recent years and should start a new trend of slots designed on this way. This one time travel adventure that can pay off big time and make it really worth your while. Seeing is believing, so strap yourself into your time capsule and prepare yourself for the thrill ride of your life!