New Mobile App Released by Harrah’s Casino

Online gaming has always been popular but the rise and rise of cell phones has meant more casinos are looking to provide mobile apps for their customers to use.

The latest casino to enter the fray in this respect is Harrah’s Casino. This may not be one of the more familiar names online today but the new app might just change things in this respect. Let’s find out more about it.

Who can use the mobile app?

Players in New Jersey are the lucky ones here, as they’re the only ones living in a state that allows gambling to take place online. Therefore they can use the app, but they’ll need an iPad or an iPhone to download it before they can start.

How long does the app take to download?

According to reports the download time is well under a minute. This means New Jersey players will be able to enjoy selecting some of the games at Harrah’s Casino very soon after they find the app in the App Store.

Incidentally if you’re in New Jersey you can also download the app direct from the Harrah’s Casino website. Try the iTunes store too if you like.

Is this the future of online gaming?

The idea of being able to choose your favorite slots games to play while you’re on the move is a good one. More and more people are playing this way instead of sitting at a computer playing. It might take a short while to get used to playing like this but once you’ve tried it you can probably see why the numbers are improving in this area.

What games can you look forward to trying at Harrah’s Casino?

There are some great casino games here including Jacks or Higher, European Roulette Premium and Classic Blackjack. However you’ve also got a good array of other games including Viva L’Italia, Bloodlines, Sugar Doggie and City Life 2: The Vegas Job.

Needless to say if you’re in New Jersey and you’re thinking of finding a new way to start playing some of the finest online slots games around today, maybe this new app is going to change the way you play. It is early days but it could prove to be a big success for this particular online casino.

Which games would you choose to play when you visit this website to check it out in more detail?