Joker Poker

Joker Poker is a single player draw poker that revolves around the theme of, well, a joker. But playing Joker Poker is more than just rhyming sounds, and to-good-to-be-true gaming experience. Play with Joker and you play easy-to-use interfaces backed by crisp sounds and masterly crafted graphics. Not only that, you also play with excellent prizes and superior gaming interface so you are sure to spend a lot of time with the dealer-joker.

Joker Poker Feature

The game is fairly simple to understand. You win if you have at least a pair of King; you lose if you don’t have any. You win depending on the amount of wager you made.

The hierarchy of card combination in Joke Poker follows much the same hierarchy of your Texas Hold’em Poker. Joker Poker hands include Sequential Royal Flush, Royal Flush, 4-of-a-Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, 3-of-a-Kind, 2 Pairs and King Pair. Apart from the standard deck of cards, Joker Cards also act as wild cards that can be used as substitutes for all the other cards. This will be useful in terms of increasing your odds of winning and increasing your pot, i.e. in Wild Royal Flush.

The game also gives you a chance to play single hand or multi hand poker. Both are played with the same chip denomination but with different payout tables. If you want to find out the payout rate for playing single hand, simply hit the Pay Table button and the corresponding table will be highlighted. Play with more hands by choosing the Multi-hand option and play a hundred, 52, ten, or three hands depending on your preference.

The buttons are also easy to use and understand because they are labeled based on what they do. Deal button is for dealing while Bet Max is for betting the maximum possible amount. You can never go wrong with the buttons.

Joker Poker Payout

Check out the payout table for predetermined payout rates for winning combinations. If you’ve built your Royal Flush using a wild card, or you’ve made a Sequential Royal Flush or Five-Of-A-Kind, you are entitled to win more with a special payout table.

Play Joker Poker Now!

This joker is sure to lead you to a hell of a good time with above average gaming quality and more prizes and winnings with big prizes and payout. US players will find Liberty Slots Casino, Bovada Casino and Slotocash Casino to be particularly welcoming, but no matter where you play, Joker Poker is sure to provide great entertainment.