Single-Hand Video Poker

If you love poker and you would like to try your luck online, the best way to go about learning the game online and winning huge prices is to start with single-hand video poker. Almost all online casinos offer single-hand video poker and they also give huge payouts for these game offerings. Try to play video poker games at on of the best online casino brands:

Playing Single-hand Video Poker

In order to play a game of single-hand video poker game, you would have to first place a wager. You do this by clicking on the coin denomination corresponding to the wager of your choice. You can place a single coin up to a maximum of 5 coins as wager. It would be best though to place a maximum wager because the payout varies with the number of coins you place as wager. Some machines offer a system where you’d be able to place a bet one coin at a time and a system where you’d be able to place the maximum number of coins as wager all at once.

After placing your bet, you can then proceed to actually playing the game. You do this by pressing the Deal button. This would then prompt the machine to deal you with cards. Most video poker machines give you the option of choosing which cards to keep and which to discard. You can also get a replacement for the discarded cards by pressing the Deal button once again. Your final hand wins if it is a winning hand depending on the game that you are playing. Most of the time, you’d win a lot of money if your final hand is a 4 of a Kind or a Royal Flush. The cards are then reshuffled for the next hand.

The Single Hand Payout

Most single-hand video poker games, like: Joker Poker, Aces and Faces, Deuces and Joker , Double Joker offer progressive jackpots which vary from game to game and from one casino to another. The requirement for hitting the jackpot as regards the number of coins placed as wager, the coin denomination and the hand varies again from one casino to another. There are single-hand video poker versions which also allows you to double your winnings.

Choosing Single-Hand Video Poker Over the Multi-Hand Version

There are many reasons why you should play with the single-hand version. First off, single-hand video poker has better paytables. Another advantage of single-hand machines is that you minimize your risks and losses so you’d be able to maintain your bankroll.

Single-hand video poker is great for beginners who are looking for fun and excitement with huge payouts and minimal risk.