2-4 Hand Video Poker

If you love poker but want to try something completely different, playing 2-4 hand video poker might just be the thing for you. Multi-hand video poker captures all the usual excitement of poker with the added thrill of getting lucky and hitting that big jackpot!

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Poker on Computers

It comes as no wonder that video poker games are similar to the real thing. They’re adapted versions of the real card-game poker, after all. However, the tweaked mechanics of video poker and the increased dependence on luck for winning gives video poker a character that is very distinct to that of the original game.

In terms of winning with luck, playing video poker is already somewhat akin to playing at the slot machines. You rely almost entirely on luck to win you big jackpots in video poker games, with skill taking a backseat in most players’ minds. Video poker is similar to slot machines in that it doesn’t take long for you to finish one round. One round of video poker can be over in less than half a minute, meaning you get to do more rounds within the same amount of time.

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Multiple Hands for Multiple Wins

The mechanics of having multiple hands also contribute to the new kind of exhilaration provided by video poker games. The term ‘2-4 hands’ refers to the fact that you’ll be dealing with more than one but less than five different hands per round of a multiple-hand video poker game.

At the start of 2-4 hand video poker game rounds, you’re dealt five cards. You’ll have to pick the cards out of those five that will most likely complete a winning combination. Once you’ve picked the ones you want to hold, you discard the other cards and complete your hand of five again by drawing more cards. After each draw, the computer tells you which combinations you were able to complete and then rewards you accordingly.

2-4 hand video poker is also very similar to slot machines because of the extra features like multipliers, double options and wild cards. And because you’re not playing with a deck with a fixed number of cards, luck becomes all the more important for you to win.

Playing video poker can be described as playing slots with poker hands instead of symbol combinations on the payout table. It doesn’t give rewards exclusively to the very skillful or the amazingly talented. Instead, video poker games give cash and prizes to just about anyone fortunate enough to be at the right video poker machine at the right time. You never know, you might be next.