Multi Hand Deuces Wild

Video poker is a combination between poker and slot machines that is easy to learn and fun to play. Multi Hand Deuces Wild is no exception because it allows the player to play up to 100 hands at a time! The main idea is to get the strongest hand possible in order to get the best payout at the end of the game. The deuces, or 2's, serve as a wild card that can replace any card needed to create a winning hand.

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It's Easy to Play Multi Hand Deuces Wild.

Players who worry they won't know how to play Multi Hand Deuces Wild have no cause for concern; anyone can learn to play this incredible game. All you need is a basic understanding of different video poker hands, and you'll be all set! Examples of winning hands in video poker are three-of-a-kind, straight, flush, full house, four-of-a-kind, straight flush, five-of-a-kind, and the royal flush. Specific to Multi Hand Deuces Wild are the deuces royal flush, which is created by having a royal flush completed with one or more deuces, and the hand holding 4 deuces. These two hands fall between the five-of-a-kind and the royal flush on the payout chart.

The player then decides how much they wish to wager and how many hands they want to play, and then clicks deal to start the game. Winning combinations are automatically held, but you must choose which cards to hold in order to have the best chances to win on the next draw. The cards that you have decided to discard are then replaced with fresh cards, and hopefully you have held on to cards that create a winning hand! Players may then collect what they have won, and sometimes have the option to double their winnings. Clicking on the double button is fun because the player clicks on a card to select it, and if their choice was higher than the dealers, they double their money! One important feature of Multi Hand Deuces Wild video poker is that players who are dealt a straight, flush, full house, straight flush, or a royal flush are eligible to hold all 5 of the cards in the hand and be get paid for the hand up to four times! The fact that each card you hold on to also appears in all of the other hands on the screen is also an exciting feature that drastically increases your odds of winning!

Multi Hand Deuces Wild is Great Casino Entertainment!

If you enjoy both poker and slot machines, Multi Hand Deuces Wild could be the casino game for you. Video is often described as one of the best casino games available, and it has proven to be incredible entertainment that requires both luck and skill. When you play Multi Hand Deuces Wild video poker, you're truly getting the best of both slot machines and poker. The machine acts as the dealer, and all you need to do is look for the best hands.