Casino Hold'em Poker

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Texas Hold'em is one of the most popular games due in part to the live coverage of Hold'Em tournaments over national TV. The game has spawned several more online casinos like Bovada Casino, Liberty Slots Casino, and was adapted in a banking game format. And unlike the usual poker game where players attempt to get the best hand against each other at the end of the game, a player is expected to beat the bank this time.

Casino Hold'em Poker get fill of Live Games

With Casino Hold'Em Poker, get your fill of the action by playing live games if you happen to reside in any of the following countries - Egypt, Estonia, Costa Rica, Ireland, Colombia, Latvia, Holland, Morocco, Panama, Sweden, South Africa, Russia, Ukraine, and UK. Get a feel of how it's like playing as if you actually walked in a land-based casino with this feature. Many players do find this feature a welcome addition as they grow more confident with their poker skills. See the excitement for yourself as you battle against the bank to get the stronger hand at the end of the game with your final five cards, three of which may come from the community cards and two personal cards.

Ante and AA Bonus

Ante is paid out should the dealer fail to get a pair with the lowest value of four at the very least. Based on the player's final hand, payout is highest for royal flush with a whopping 100:1, followed by straight flush with 20:1. Should you come up with four of a kind, expect ante win to 10:1. Full house, flush, and straight hands will win you an ante bonus of thrice, double, or even money, respectively. Depending on your ante bet, this amount can mean a good return for you. However, should the dealer qualify but your hand turns out to be stronger than the bank's, then you get paid according to the same payout grid. The fun doesn't end there as another optional bet can be had. This is known as AA bonus which is completely separate feature of Casino Hold'Em Poker. The object of this bet is to try to get a pair of aces or higher with your first five cards. You can get 100:1 of your bet if the hand turns out to be a royal flush and half that with a straight flush. You can still win with four of a kind, full house, flush, and pair of aces or straight. Watch your account grow at Casino Hold'Em Poker right here.