There are some players who want card games that stretch their strategic skills to the limit. There are some others who live for a relatively easier game that provides them the entertainment they crave for. Players on the hunt for an easy to follow game will be pleased to find that there is one such game for them. There is no other card table game you will find that beats the simplicity and ease of play as War does. You are sure to get the chance to still play with cards and yet totally enjoy the game with as less problem solving involved as possible.

War Specifics

If child’s play happens to be your cup of tea, there’s no better fit for this than War. The game uses 6 card decks where poker rankings are followed here with the aces ranking highest. Card suits have no bearing on this game. Game starts with placing bets first then player and dealer gets one card each. Whoever has the higher card between player and dealer wins the round. It’s usually as simple as that.

If the cards happen to be of the same value, players have the choices of surrendering and forfeiting half his bet or choose to go to war. If player goes to war, he must raise the bet equal to the first wager and dealer does the same for show, of course. Three cards are burned by the dealer before dealing a card for player and himself. Player collects back his raise but the first bet shall push if the second card is equal to or higher than the dealer’s. Player loses both first bet and raise if dealer’s card comes up higher. Also players can win on tie bets which pays out 10:1 should the first card dealt come out equal.

War House Edges

When one thinks about it, both dealer and player get 50-50 chances of winning or losing the bet which is quite good when compared with other card games. House edge will generally come into play more often in case of tie. There are several things to check out such as number of card decks used in the game which can impact bonus payouts and tie bets. As the card decks increases, house edge goes slightly higher for bonuses but only by as much as 2.90%. Tie bets decreases the house edge as the deck number go up. Check this out and see how much fun it can all be.