Need a change of tactics or game environment? Grab the chance to play craps and see if this is the game for you. Some players refuse to be part of the bandwagon and simply follow what is popular over the Internet right now. Playing the same game over and over again can make the game less appealing at times. And that's where craps can get help. Get out of the more common games from time to time and feel refreshed with a good round of craps.

Where to play Craps

Play Craps at on of the following online casino brand. You can choose to play Craps downloading or Flash versions, play for money or for fun. If you opt to play for fun, you can immediately start playing without having to register first.

Some advices for the beginners in Craps

Just as you did as you were starting out when playing your favorite casino games online, there are a few awkward steps you need to take as part of learning the game. This process can be quite enjoyable because you are using your brain again in a manner where you need to help recall a few things here and there.

The game is played with a pair of dice with a craps table different from other table games you see around. A player acts as the shooter who gets to throw the dice first, while the rest can bet on the turnout of the dice. Should the shooter get a 7 or 11 in total from the dice thrown, he wins. However, if the result is 2, 3, or 12, then he loses which is called craps. You wonder no more why some people say the same when they get frustrated. The dice is passed to another player when the first player sevens out. If any other number is rolled (also called point), the dice must be thrown again.

Betting Tips

Craps can be a good game with a 44% probability to win a bet. Start studying how the craps table works, and you will find that betting all the time will make you lose more in the long run. Watch three successive non-field rolls and bet after that. This decreases your probability of losing to 9.5% according to experts. Although the prop box on the table appears to be an enticing betting area, do not be fooled by this. Professional craps players will tell you to stay away as this happens to be losing bets majority of the time. Come and take your chance with a pair of dice with craps. Watch and learn the basics of the game and what the bet entails. You may be on your way to laughing to your heart's content from sheer exhilaration.