Birds of Paradise Slots

One look at available games at the best online casino like Liberty Slots Casino and one can easily point to video slots games as one with the most selections than any other game you would know. Even when casinos were limited to land-based ones, slot machines have always had a special area and they are here to stay. It is but expected to see Birds of Paradise as another game which will retain its spot in slot machine gaming for a long time and it’s time to find out why.

Birds of Paradise Game Rules

The new online slot game called Birds of Paradise is a 5 reel slot game with 25 paylines that increases your opportunity for winning with each bet placed on available paylines. After the reels stop spinning, the symbol combinations on where they rest will be compared to the payout table grid to determine a win and the amount of payout too. As is commonly observed in other slot machine games, only activated paylines entitles a player to a possible payout depending on the symbols coming up on the reels. Players have a choice of which payline to bet on as well as the amount of coin bet by clicking on the Bet buttons accordingly. And because the game utilizes a wild symbol, it is highly possible to get several winning combinations. Player gets the chance to grab the prize with the higher payout among the winning combinations for that payline.

Birds of Paradise Symbols that Matter

In this game, a player can expect to see a lot of non-winning symbols. But if you want to know which ones would matter to you, check out the payout table grid for a complete listing. There, one will find an Orange Bird symbol that would correspond to the game’s wild symbol. By the word wild symbol, this means it can be used to substitute it for other symbols to come up with a win for that activated payline where it landed with the exception of course of the scatter symbol.

The scatter symbol happens to be the Nest symbol. Any player would love this symbol because this automatically credits a win for the player regardless whether the payline where it landed is activated or not. That’s not all. The same scatter symbol if it comes in three’s or more wins for a player twenty more free spines which can also be won on a free spin again. The possibilities are endless so come now at Birds of Paradise!

Birds of Paradise Slot in Online Slot Tournaments

Online Casinos are making Birds of Paradise Slot even better, by including the game in the online slot tournaments. These tournaments offer chances for players to try yourselves against each other, magnifying winnings and adding to the excitement of the game. Just choose your favorite casino in online slots tournament schedules, register to play tournaments, and you’ll also be eligible for sign-up bonus, a 100% matching bonus, up to $1000, on the first deposit. That’ll double your money, and double your chances to play and win.